very hard day

Hi everyone,

Today has been a very hard day and I think I’m finally settling down.

So I woke up with my period in full gear which was hard as it started out like it wouldn’t be so bad this month. Always full of surprises. Then I had a sore throat and it felt like I was really getting a cold which Jess also has.

A huge stress for me is those computer issues. All the info we had to go on as of this morning was that Jonathan had called them they said we needed to use the HP warantie first before any other one which we had bought. And that it needed to be sent out. I heard the being sent out part second hand from Edith as I hadn’t gotten a chance to directly talk to Jonathan since Monday.

I’m very anxious about sending it out. When I had my last HP computer it was actually good for years. At that time I really wasn’t using the internet as much as I was towards the end and it got a virus that it never bounced back from. I put it in the hands of commission for the blind and Staples, two different ones and everyone made mistakes. It was on it’s way out anyway but still.

Plus we searched online and can’t even find where the repair place is located. It did say that best buys in the area had service centers specific for HP. But I’m guessing they need to send it to manufactor and can’t do it in store. I wish they could.

Anyway so finally this afternoon I talked with my mom. Well turns out we didn’t buy at Staples she bought it online from Amazon. She sadly can’t find the info on this though I would hope it’s somewhere. Her computer died and though she claims she “knows everything about computers” Robbie can tell you she’s quite a mess in that department! A controlling scattered mess. Anyway so she went on repeating herself six million times about how she couldn’t find any info in her staples files, because she didn’t buy from there. Also since she said the computer had been sent directly here we must have the paperwork. As she spent the past week saying she had it we hadn’t started looking we will. When Edith comes in and Jess and I aren’t so burnt out. So we had this circular conversation about all this and got nowhere. She wasn’t getting it that this is a physical hardware issue due to cracks on the actuall inner screen not the glass outside part. She was saying the problem was I had windows seven, and I can’t use that anymore because there’s no support for that. I had to say three times it’s not a software issue. Then she was saying that since she bought the computer she should be the one to call HP not Jonathan who is our techy wizard and was just trying to help. As in the beginning of this whole thing we thought she couldn’t handle the stress. She’s back to her old normal high stress self. But anyway. She then said that if I didn’t want to send it out I should send it back home and she’d take the computer to Staples, which is not an HP servicing store and that for sure they’d fix it. And if they couldn’t I’d get a whole new computer. Which is so stupid what’s so hard bout removing and putting in a new screen? So I was frustrating and crying and just ugh. This is so simple really. But it’s getting so complicated. My mom always makes things ten times more complicated. Plus I had zero energy from how bad I was feeling. Eventually came to the understanding that we would all look for paperwork and somehow try to see exactly where it would be shipped to and if in fact they can actually fix the screen. Sometimes these people get your computer and do a bunch of stuff just to get more money and often can mess things up. So anyway that was draining.

Then Jess was having some heart issues this afternoon. Made me really glad we’re in a nursing facility. As they had stuff to monitor. The new meds did help a lot. There’s the chaos about trying to find out when appointments will be for tests and people having no idea when they should no and just not caring. By people I mean nurses. So that’s annoying.

I was anxious/ depressed over Edith leaving stuff. How would I begin to trust Krystal. Did I even want to try?

So yeah that was hard. I did feel better after my bath. And meds. I got ativan in me and already feel it’s helping. I did too have a short meeting with Krystal which will be up next.

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange_184x116-v1.png Virus-free.

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