finally can relax a little

So meeting with Jonathan is always so helpful. He’s able to really help me solve issues or take care of stuff and it’s just so great. After this week I really needed a long meeting. So we met for like an hour and a half.

The one thing that’s been keeping me sane this week has been sorting through resumes. Used a site called to put the word out there about the PRSC job. We have two new people coming in but then Edith is leaving. Anyway that site is awesome! Have gotten some great applicants including two things we really need. Guys and people that speak ASL. I think we even have a guy that speaks ASL lol!

So I’ve been happily sorting into a “absolutely yes” “maybe if needed” and “no” folders within a PRSC application folder. Put it on my thumb drive and Jonathan was so impressed. Gave me more tips for weeding out applicants. I should work in human resources LOL!

Left my thumb drive in his computer. That’s ok he’s in tomorrow.

Then discussed the laptop. I’m really happy he simplifies problems. My mom was driving me nuts with all the options we could use and what we should do and not being able to find the paperwork or anything. Well Jonathan said there’s no reason to be that anxious about having it sent out to HP. That no matter what protection plan you have the first year you send it out to HP. He’s sent out a bunch of computers and never had problems. He’s getting the box today and we’ll send it Monday. It’s only in indianna we found out! So that was a huge load off my mind.

Then we talked about Edith leaving and Krystal in general. How he said things will probably be good or neutral with her but not very bad. That it will take time with any new PRC for me to trust and for them to know me. That things would eventually go well but it could take awhile or it could be fine right away. He said the strength I’ve gained from working with edith will help me through the transition.

We are also getting three new people basically. So if krystal doesn’t work out I could work with them, or hey here’s a thought get to know other PRCS just so I have other people I feel comfortable with! We talked about how as he put it the “positive side of me cutting” (only this guy would say that) was that all the PRCS knew me and like it or not I had to spend time with them. I was always on one to one and just everyone knew what was going on. I was like the facility star for six months LOL!

So it was a really good meeting. We talked about my anxiety and my tendency to play the “what if” game. He said if you look at the things I know for sure, like Edith is leaving, my computer is being sent out, Jess has heart issues. That’s enough. He said if I wanted to add an “what if” on top of it I had to find one solution to it as I would with stuff I know is happening. If I can’t find one or don’t want to find one I can’t be worrying about it! I shouldn’t have told Jess this because she’s used it on me like four times tonight.

But anyway I do feel a bit better like I can finally go back to low key Sammy mode. Saving the world online like Jonathan says, reading audio books and just normal Sam stuff and not constantly unable to focus and totally exhausted. Having time of the month issues and a cold the past couple days did not help. As well as everything this past week. It’s felt so long.

I told Jonathan I’m exhausted and he’s like you’re gonna keep being exhausted through this transition. I’m like great thank you!

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange_184x116-v1.png Virus-free.

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