making my super awesome hopefully ASL video tomorrow!


So fun times tomorrow. Edith and I are making the long awaited but I know not as good as I wish it could be ASL video. Why it won’t be as good as I want it to be is I wanted to make the video like a year from now. By which point I’d know a bunch of words and Edith and I would know how to tactile sign back and forth. How we’ve been doing it is one sign at a time that she verbally and physically walks me through. I’ve signed things to her but haven’t actually had her sign back like an actual conversation. Was gonna have her talk with someone like on e-mail or Robbie to learn more about that. Though I know it should be simple just put her hands on my hands. But since she’s just learning sign in the first place I guess it’s not that simple.

I know some say that she never should have been teaching me because she’s not a native signer or other signing type teacher. But let me tell you it’s one of the most fun things I’ve done lately. And I’m so happy to be learning at least something. Everytime I try to sign and Kat says I’m so smart (to Jess who interprets) it soo warms my heart. Every time I learn something I think about hopefully one day meeting my very cool online ASL speaking friends. Or just being able to sign with Robbie for fun, or maybe Kat though she’s so impatient and can’t sit still to save her life so tactile wouldn’t come easy to her at all. With what little I’ve learned and just a deeper intuitive connection between us I feel we are communicating a lot better. Plus texting. Though she doesn’t get it that she has to delete her text messages at some point or else she can’t get texts. And then she thinks I’m not texting her on purpose. That’s low tech Kat for you. In our meeting she walked by bugging Jonathan for another pop though he gave her one twenty minutes before. I told him to tell her to delete her text messages so she could get my texts. Well I’m assuming that sentence didn’t come out very good because he told me she wanted to come teach him
“how to sign” right then and me too. I’m like you know how to sign! (didn’t mention that he said he never saw the signs in Nai’s video ever before LOL) he said she’s teaching him to sign faster. So yeah.

But anyway the other problem besides wanting to have learned more is we haven’t practiced since my birthday. And of course to the very last day Edith’s like you could have gone to DBT for a couple more weeks! I’m like LOL at this point. I try to practice by myself and often that works out well. But it’s hard if I practice the wrong thing and no one knows how to really help. But anyway we’ll do a small practice session tomorrow and then the video. Showing that I can do the alphabet (pretty good except I have problems with c, o and can’t do z at all). Which would be fine but my mom’s name is Liz and I call Jess Kinzy. Edith says I should write liz with an s like in England LOL don’t even think that’s accurate. Again I was hoping over months and months we’d be able to practice “my mom’s name is Liz” and in the rhythm of that sentence maybe I could get the z to stick. It’s like OMG who wants to learn to draw print letters in the air when you’re blind? To me that’s one of the actual hard things. If I can’t shape my hand right or just can’t get a movement right.

But learning overall is not as hard as people who hear Edith is/ was teaching me think. So far the reaction has been “that’s really difficult/ you have more patience than I ever could.” When really I know I picked up a lot fast and remembered a lot. And had a good time even when it was hard. I wish people wouldn’t just write it off.

So yeah I’ll be soo excited when we do it though! Sammy squeal!!

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