I love the indeed website!

So as I mentioned previously, the one thing that’s kept me sane this week is screening PRSC applicants. Linked in and word of mouth were going nowhere in terms of finding anyone. So I put the add on indeed. Literally googled job search sites and found it. OMG we got like fifty applicants in two days! No spam either. Many were very good. Some weren’t what we were looking for and some clearly didn’t know what a resume was. One person just put like one sentence in a document and that was it. And I found a new tool for OCRing PDFS so Robbie doesn’t spend writing time on it. But yeah I was so so happy. We’re very interested in/ really need both male applicants and people who speak ASL. And we found a bunch. So yay. Jonathan and I went over them on Friday and he gave me even more tips on how to screen people. I should work in human resources. Uptight monica would probably have a heart attack if she knew I helped with this but hey it seriously kept me going so yeah.

Looking for a job? Want to get a million applicants for your job.

Go to: www.indeed.com

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