I’m co-admin of a disabled parents support group

Hi everyone,

So recently like this past week I started a new group. It’s for any parent with a disability. My friend LaVonia inspired the idea. She’s deaf blind and autistic and has an autistic daughter. She’s told me about some of the struggles she’s had particularly with trying to advocate for her daughter at school and not being given the time of day due to her own disability. I thought how crushing that must be and isolating, in the same way that those of us who are blind and have mental illness are isolated. Looking on FB I saw no general parents with disabilitys support group or anything even for autistic parents.

So I decided to co-admin the group. Even though I’m not a parent. I opened it too to anyone caring for children, as another friend is a respite carer. I also perhaps one day would like to work with children with disabilities in some way. I’ve never thought of doing this and honestly thought it would be pretty difficult to manage looking after a child while having the disadvantages of disabilities, like not being able to see or the unpredictable ups and downs of psych disabilities. But seeing these new friends work it out has given me the inspiration to maybe do it someday. The more I am connected with them around this the more I will learn and see if it’s something I would like to do.

In any case I am a naturally supportive person and am glad to be a part of the group just to meet new like minded people.

So below is the link.


Remember it’s open to anyone with any disability. Bonus if you have multiple disabilities! (smile) And parent qualifies as foster parent, adoptive parent, child care worker, respite worker, any of those. I look forward to meeting new members. And hope this helps a lot of people. Please share this post wherever you think is appropriate.

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