boring day

So today was kind of a boring day. The holiday weekend has felt really long. Just feel kinda suspended especially as Friday I said goodbye to Edith and though Krystal was here this weekend she never came to see me. Not sure I even really want to work with her. Maybe it would be good to work with one of the new people. But I’d have to wait for them to be trained anyway.

So yeah just hanging out. On fb talking with friends. Did a book review. Not much of anything going on.

icon-envelope-tick-round-orange-animated-tick-v1.gif Virus-free.

3 thoughts on “boring day

    • Hey. Yeah I just reviewed beautiful child by Torey Hayden today. I remember at FP the fireworks were very loud. I’m sure if you talked to Jack he’d tell stories about army and guns and stuff. But here we can’t really hear them that bad. So yeah going to bed soon too.

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