Lazy day can’t wait for tomorrow

Hi everyone,

I forget if I’ve told you all that I’m now using my old computer the Toshiba. Wednesday the box finally came from HP two weeks late. And Jonathan, hopefully got around to sending it out. Brought it down to the front desk for him and never have gotten the chance to hear from him since.

This computer is slower especially with starting up. And I hate the hole near the power port that happened, like a couple months after Mr. J bought a new casing totally redid everything I dropped it I guess and it hit the same spot. So yeah. May get a new casing so I can have a totally working backup computer.

But anyway it’s been ok. Unfortunately Krystal has not come to check on me to even say hi at all! This is what I was afraid of. Not even one little appearance. I’m used to seeing edith almost everyday. Krystal and I did agree she’d see me three times a week. Unfortunately we didn’t set up exact times. So she never came by. Some PRCS as I’ve said do not check on their residents regularly at all. I’m really not getting a good feeling about this. Between her having no response to me meeting with her twice about how important this transition was, and now not even coming by at all I’m just not happy with this. Right now I know a lot of people are on her caseload as coverage, until a new PRC can take them. But as Jess pointed out everyone is dealing with that not just her.

If I didn’t have Jess I’d totally withdraw with no outlet as right now I feel there are no staff I’m comfortable turning to. I think I will talk with Mr. J about opting to work with one of the new PRCS. Because they’re new they’re just getting a caseload so they might have more time as they’re getting used to things. Being new they may be more eager to help and really get to know people. Anna the PRC I met last week who shadowed Edith seemed really nice. There’s another one Stephanie who started this week. It’s weird we have had both an anna and a stephanie (who was terrible!) here so yeah just weird to hear those names floating around.

Other than the box haven’t heard from Mr. J at all. Can’t wait to ask him tomorrow what in the world went through his mind when he realized he couldn’t see me Friday and didn’t think to call e-mail or anything. This is common enough on other days when he suddenly can’t meet but Friday I feel was a huge exception being Edith’s last day. Like I said Jess is like my huge support right now.

So last night I woke up in the middle of the night. Just couldn’t sleep. Was thinking about this PRC thing, whether I’ll get to actually see Mr. J or not and just other stuff. The night before I was up because I was so itchy and swore no see ums, little almost invisible bugs were biting me. So that was interesting.

Because of this I had a major nap all morning and we ordered out for lunch. Yesterday I had fruit plates for both meals and didn’t want to do that today. As it is I’ll hve one for dinner. Jess tries to get at least one good meal in me in addition to breakfast where I have oatmeal and sometimes other stuff.

So yeah just hanging out. Hoping tomorrow will be good. Trying to prepare myself for the possibility that believe it or not even after not seeing me last week and knowing how things are, if he has something to do like bailing a resident out of court or gets caught up in administration I may not see or hear from him this week either.


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