Good day today and looking forward to the weekend

So actually got to see Jonathan today! Turns out right when we were about to meet at two last Friday a huge crisis happened. He couldn’t even say goodbye to Edith it was so bad. He was totally exhausted thinking about it and trying to remember exactly what happened so I forgave him. He did validate how hard it was for me.

Besides Edith leaving two other PRCS (who honestly weren’t that great anyway are leaving. It’s putting the department in a bad position with two new people in training and then more being trained soon. Not a lot of stability. But the good news is I get to go back on the applicant hunt. He said he’s been making calls and setting up interviews based on what I’ve gathered the last time so I’m so happy. I added to it that experience or training of expressive arts therapy is a plus so we’ll see if we get any creative arts people. If this wewre MA exopressive arts people would be flooding in from all sides. People must still be on holiday break. Only got three aps so far on this round that are ok nothing striking. But probably people will sit down over the weekend to job hunt so am sure I’ll get more. I love how accessible the site is and how much you do get in terms of applications. And it’s easy to sort through everything at least for me. So I’m so happy to be of help after all he does.

We had a minor scare when we accidentally put the braillenote charger in with the HP computer to get sent out instead of the computer charger. Mr. J just had them swap out the cords since it hasn’t been shipped up and he knows the fedix b guy.

So that’s settled. Also met Stephanie the newest PRC. That Monica’s been so thrilled with. Stephanie is extremely engaged and confident and up beat. It really made me feel like this was someone I could connect with. Krystal not showing up until late was not a good thing. It was the plan to transfer most of Edith’s people over to Stephanie anyway so will do that next week I believe. Anna who I met a few weeks ago with Edith is also good. With me doing the applicant search we should get some great people!

Anyway tomorrow can just relax am feeling much more relaxed about life. And Sunday we do our monthly Walmart shopping trip.

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