My big sister is blasting through school!

I’m soo proud of my big sis. She’s like over halfway through her two courses. She’s really doing amazing. I don’t know how she deals with the craziness around here, her emotional and physical health ups and downs and tackles schoolwork. But she’s like amazing! She’s doing well on tests and papers. I love hearing about her good grades and supporting her all I can by making sure she gets to and from school safely on the van. I wasn’t sure with everything going on internally how this would be. I knew it would be really stressful. I’m so impressed that even in the hospital for scary medical issues she got work done! She was thinking of dropping a class that she’d got halfway through which would have been ok with me if she needed to. But she kept going and is doing really well. When she’s done no matter what grades she’s getting I’m gonna get her a special present or meal or something. Shhh don’t tell her!

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