catching up on this week

Hi everyone,

So a quick post. Not sure if I wrote since the weekend/ Monday. This week has been good.

We got our haircuts on Tuesday I think it was. I’m so happy I don’t look like an izzitt anymore yayAnd I have to say Betty and Nicks is awesome thanks Mr. J for recommending!

Other than that had the best time sorting through resumes. Did some networking and guess what? Found two music therapists who aare applying. I’m totally off the wall happy! This is so rare in this state anyway. If I were putting out a job and saying expressive arts therapy training is a plus in MA I’d get ten million aps mostly from my own school! In IL and I’ve heard, bordering states no such luck. A lot of art therapists if anyone, but not a whole lot of music therapists doing psych work you have to dig to find them. And I certainly have tried as I did find Gina the dance therapist b ut it’s a challenge. However I told one music therapist who put the posting on the music therapy listserve, and that’s where I got my two people! Hoping to reach out to related arts therapy people and have the same done.

But OMG these job websites really know how to make money! I know indeed is free. But some of these others like one it was over a hundred dollars to have your job up for a year it’s like really? I guess they think these employers have a lot of money to invest.

But yeah that’s my big project until further notice and I love every moment of reading sorting and just the whole thing!

I got to see Mr. J’s family today they came for a visit. And I got to talk with Mr. J for a few minutes as well. I haven’t as of yet had my official sit down with Stephanie the new PRC. I really want Mr. J to be there and he does too. With how I take change, and Stephanie as an outgoing probably speaks her mind kinda personality. She could say something that I’ll take wrong as I’m really anxious about opening up to her, even saying how hard it is to open up is opening up. So yeah I’m glad I have his support for this meeting. It more than makes up for him skipping out on Edith’s last day.

So over all a good week.

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