waiting monday

Hi everyone,

Have had an ok day. Was stressed in the morning sending off an e-mail to Jonathan with all the information for the applicants from this weekend attached correctly, wanting to make sure everything was there. I’m getting antsy as clearly we have a good set of applicants but Jonathan as his busy self hasn’t had time to sit down and write them, or if he has written some which he says he has, he hasn’t been able to check e-mail to see if they’ve responded. Nor to set up or do any interviews. Yet I know how desperately he needs these positions filled and that’s a lot of why he’s busy. I don’t know how long people usually wait to be called to an interview after applying before moving on to something else. I also know that people usually apply for a few jobs at once. I’m afraid the longer we wait even though it’s only been a few weeks of this, the harder it will be to get the really good people we’ve picked out.

Similarly I was supposed to meet with Stephanie my new caseworker today with Jonathan. As a way to smooth out the transition and be sure she has his input on my treatment issues and overall personality. I am veery reluctant to have a meeting with her before this point. But I haven’t been able to get ahold of Jonathan and not sure she’s around today.

So I guess it’s been a day of waiting around impatiently. I have been reading a blog about the show in treatment that I’ve been re-watching lately. Below is the link.


That’s really all for today.

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