very positive meeting with my new Caseworker Stephanie

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update. Had an awesome meeting yesterday with Jonathan and Stephanie. Mr. J was his extremely talkative self so of course we met for like an hour and a half. In his classic round about way he gave Stephanie all the information she needs to know about my self-injury history my yrust issues and triggers in relationships while giving me plenty of room to put in my thoughts. She was very agreeable to everything and just seems very upbeat.

We’re meeting tomorrow night. We set that time as she was taking me backupstairs and at one point thought we might do today. She hadn’t written it down so thought she had missed our appointment this morning. She came down all apologetic and wanting to check in. I’m like wow she’s good!

She’s funny too while Mr. J was on the phone she was saying how Jonathan reminded her of batman LOL! I have no idea why but she seemed slightly disappointed I don’t like super heros! I wonder if she’ll make fun of my “depressing books” I.E cathy glass ETC like Edith did. I bet I could get her to work with me on ASL she eagerly told me Kat was already teaching her some. So I’m very hopeful and comfortable going into our first meeting. ,

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