Awesome first individual meeting with Stephanie

So I’m really happy to report that I had an amazing first meeting with Stephanie yesterday. She’s very energetic passionate and just a great person to talk to!

Before this she did ABA with autistic children, as did one of the other new PRSCS Anna. From searching through resumes I’m finding special ed is a common past field for people applying here as are developmental disability and youth services.

Anyway. We just had an amazing talk. She already has read my records since the meeting with Jonathan. Absolutely loves Jonathan! Says she really agress with his clinical philosophy on everything especially what we went over with self-injury. She says she loved the two hour training she and the other new PRCS got a couple days ago. She didn’t think it would be two hours of course and Mr. J probably didn’t either LOL! I told her his favorite hiding places the garage and park. She says she wants to keep “picking his brain”

I talked about my family history, how I got to Chicago how I got from FP to here and basically my whole life as I do ramble on and on. But she kept up with everythingwhich is always impressive. She concluded it sounded like I’ve been judged a lot in my life and that I’ve really done well for myself. We had a nice discussion about how disjointed different services are in mental health care/ humans services so you don’t ever have one provider who has a whole picture of the person. We also talked about how disability is so misunderstood and just so often ignored.

So we’re gonna basically keep going where Edith left off which I never thought was possible. She’s gonna bug me to take me for walks. I’m going to have her call cat shelters for me and make the strong case of how saying I can’t go because I’m blind is really messed up. We’ll deal with other things as they come up. I would like to work on this visit home because my family continues to stall endlessly. And yeah! We’ll just see what happens. I’m very impressed and can actually say Monica made a good choice. Will keep you posted.

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