Happy anniversary to our room!

Hi everyone,

So woke up and realized today is the two year anniversary of Jess and I getting our double room. Remember that there are very few double rooms and are obviously nine times out of ten reserved for married couples. But since we argue like a married couple, LOL, they decided to give it to us! Not really!

They gave it to us because we were literally only compatible with each other as roomates. No other roommate situation really worked out for either of us. Secondly we were working so hard in treatment. It was a huge hurdle to have us in the same observation room in the first place as we both struggle with self harm. Having us be in a private room with no other roomates to supposedly keep an eye on us, stirred up a lot for the staff. But Jonathan’s solid think outside the box yet cover all the basis of any fears/ doubts/ whatever that came up won in the end.

This room is my home one hundred percent. I rarely leave it. I’ll never ever leave this room unless I move out and then Jess and I will just have another double room somewhere else! I just

Love love it! The only things that are missing are: a trampoleen, a net swing, two cats, a guiney pig, fridge, microwave, mountain of toys! So yay our room and yay us!!

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