wonderful individual meeting with Stephanie!

Well had a great meeting with Stephanie again today! We met for almost an hour and mostly missed dinner but we ordered out so it was all ok.

Hoping to get a beanbag for our room so that when staff come in they can sit on it and not just the floor or stand or sit on my bed. Not that I mind have just always wanted a beanbag have to ask Mr. J if it’s allowed. You’d be surprised what’s not allowed in this place.

Anyway so we had an awesome meeting. Mostly she continued to get to know me. Asked what I liked and didn’t like about all my past PRSCS which of course was a talk your hear off invitation for me! Probably that took up most of the hour LOL! But she really really listened and asked questions about all the situations I brought up from the past about what was good and bad and stuff. She asked what my anxiety is like and what my tools are and things like that.

She set a goal that I’d use my cane three times a week as I never bring it anywhere due to the crowds, when I have it wanting to use it to hit people, and just ugh just ends up being in the way. If it were a smaller easier to get around place of course I’d use it. But I will try. She’s also gonna call the cat shelters for me. She had me show her how my computer worked which was cool.

I told her about how I’m helping Mr. J hire new PRSCS and we talked about her past jobs and stuff.

She’s gonna be another Edith I can tell! The only thing she wouldn’t do that other PRCS would, even though they technically don’t have to/ shouldn’t (some feel) is cut my nails. But she said she won’t cut anyone’s nails for fear of hurting them so yeah that made sense.

Anyway I’m beyond happy. So yay Stephanie!

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