Important resource: stores that works with all tech devices to get new battery

Hi everyone,

So I’ve had my braillenote M power for like six years. For those of you who don’t know a braillenote or other PDA device is a really expensive like thousands of dollars! Gadget the blind use to do things like go on the internet, write read text ETC. The more advance they’ve become the more they can do. I started with something called a braille n speak where you could basically type on it and it would talk back but with no braille to read to see where you were in the document. Then there was the braille lite that had the braille display. And of course different companies make different ones and like I said it’s all in what you’re looking for. I am someone who holds on to my familiar ways of doing things/ stuff until I absolutely have to change. So am not up to date at all on new blindness related stuff/ notetakers. I know there are other things way beyond the M power now.

Anyway how you get this stuff like I said since it costs literally thousands of dollars is many go through blind services. You have to meet goals of working or going to school before you get it. And some organizations even take it back after you’re no longer a client which they want to happen as quickly as possible. They’re for a whole other post!

So I had this thing since after high school. And while you’re with the state blind services they do pay for it to be sent out and have things like the battery changed ETC. But it’s really a long process and something that could take weeks if done not by an agency takes months because of the whole overwhelming stupid system of how agencies don’t communicate, when money comes in ETC

So haven’t had to have my braillenote sent out since I left college. And haven’t needed too. Lately noticed that the battery was acting really weird with little charge. Did some resetting of it and that didn’t help. You’re supposed to have like 17 hours of battery and I have about two. So I was told I needed a new battery. Without the blind services paying I didn’t know what to do. Asked around and found out that if I went through the company or an individual who is self-employed creating these batteries it would cost $170! I was like no way.

Here’s where the resource part comes in. Another person said there’s a store in many states called interstate batteries. That they were able to take their braillenote there, and even though the staff had never seen one they were patient and impressed enough to figure it out. They couldn’t believe the high price on this and were able to order/ rebuild the battery pack. For about $20.

And there’s one in IL like a town away. Called the place today the guy was extremely nice. As there seems to be no way for someone without tools to get at the battery I’d have to go to the store and have them do it and see about cost and what their thoughts are. Hoping I can have an experience like this guy did where I can get it replaced for such a low price! So yeah just remember interstate batteries. Check them out for any battery problems.

And I’m glad I used this post to talk a little about blind tech stuff. If people want to hear more on this topic please let me know.

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One thought on “Important resource: stores that works with all tech devices to get new battery

  1. glad you might be able to fix it without much expense. I never used a braillenote. I prefer computers or my i phone which has a braille output part to it too.
    Carol anne

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