Stressed about HP computer still not fixed

So today in my meeting with Jonathan, we looked into the HP computer that was sent out end of june. We figured it must be back by now. Monday they had sent him an e-mail which he didn’t see til today saying that my broken screen is “accidental damage” and so not covered by the warantie. I couldn’t believe it! Well I can as I know they try anything to get out of paying. But since the screen thing was internal, no marks or scratches at all on the outside, it had to be some organic thing. But they say no. Since Jonathan is a techy he wrote back and kinda lied saying that the laptop is kept extremely still on a flat surface when used, put away in a case everytime it’s not how could this happen? We’ll then wait for an answer.

If they press the issue he’ll figure out the cost. He said something like that getting a new screen for a laptop costs more than the actual laptop which I didn’t realize! He will then also add about me being low vision (so they understand the need for the screen) and having like no money and needing the computer to stay alive LOL and see from there.

I’m confident he’ll see this through with whatever tricks he can.

My mom did also get this three year computer insurance when she bought the thing so that may help? I don’t know. This accidental damage not being covered thing is really stupid. So yeah was not happy to hear this but at least we know what we’re dealing with.

My current computer the Toshiba does have the hole in the casing right around the power port, which reformed it’s self a few months after Mr. J put a whole new casing in! As you use the power coard where the hole is it wears it away. So Mr. J is like well use it like you normally would and then we’ll figure out the casing. I was like well I don’t want to be without a computer! He said to take one problem at a time. It’s still very stressful.

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