Jonathan decided to try and replace my braillenote battery!

Hi everyone,

So my last update about the braillenote battery was that we were gonna head over to the battery store in the next town and have them do it. Well I had been looking online, awhile back and remembered this article basically saying that the battery that Humanware insists you have to have them replace for #$260 is actually rechargeable double a batteries!

That article is below

So we figured, since one way or another I’m gonna have to replace this battery anyway, and Mr. J has never ever messed up anything he’s worked on for me, I decided to give it a shot. Usually when he does his working on my tech stuff I’m not able to sit and watch him work. Yesterday as it was Sunday and we had an uninterrupted hour I got to watch him unscrew gently pull stuff and even have me gently touch stuff. It was a touch tour of the braillenote

If you read the article it talks about how you would with a screw driver take apart the area around the battery, like to expose it and then how the battery is wrapped up and configured. And it’s pretty much as was described. Jonathan was like they could easily use electrical tape to wrap this thing LOL! It’s literally the tape you use to wrap gauze on someone’s wounds. (I think I remember it from my SI days)

And indeed it was six rechargeable aa batteries. Sautered together. It clearly showed which batterys connect to which wires not rocket science. He was a little uncomfortable with the sautering part so he’s gonna give one of the electricians that works for here a call and either send them a picture of it or have them come over and do it. I was extremely skeptical that someone who works for the facility would have any kinda inkling to come here for something like this. But Jonathan said no because Jonathan does them favors putting stuff together for them at times! Which is really confusing cause they’re electricians right?

But anyway I’m like soo interested to see how this goes. Worst case he says he knows how to wrap up the battery and get it back in if needed. He also said the battery shop wouldn’t be able to do this for some reason he felt. So it seems like we’re on a good path with this plan. And of course he’s like totally enjoying taking apart this new piece of technology!

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