Our PRSC positions are full

Hi everyone,

So officially our case manager positions are full. Took awhile. With a lot of ups and downs. And since I’m not staff Basically not Jonathan or Monica, I couldn’t be clued in to everything. But I was totally respected and valued for the skills I do have. I was and am a bit disappointed that out of the huge pile of resumes I got, none of the new people are actually among them. One was but sadly he only lasted one day! This rarely happens but it does happen and I guess is good better to have him leave then than a few months later which also happens too.

So in terms of the new people we have a guy who walked in and got hired and it’s his first job. Lucky guy! He seems very genuine and eager to learn which is what this position, as it stands right now is about. We have a woman who I guess Jonathan really liked because he interviewed her awhile back like I guess a month or two it must have been. She had to give this long notice for her caregiving job so yeah. She’s here. I think I shocked her by my benign but I guess unnerving from a resident, questions about where she went to school what her degree was how she liked the job ETC ETC. Once I told her I was inherently nosey she seemed a bit more at ease. I don’t know will have to break her into Sammy’s world I think LOL!

Then this woman just started today who has her masters in criminal justice. Has done a lot of court related, police related stuff. Worked with a lot of different populations. Seemed really smart. Haven’t met her yet but that’s what Mr. J said. I guess she was recommended by a former PRSC so that’s good.

I did ask a few times if I was honestly being helpful or just a big pain in the ass and he said I was very helpful. Because ifr he gets twenty resumes it’s only about four or five of them he’ll like enough to interview. But normally without the advertising I was doing it’s hard to find one or two people to begin with.

I am very sad Dalphne the music therapist won’t be joining us at the moment. I was like picturing her here already! But I think as this position transitions to one where masters level staff is the norm it will be more accessible pay wise to master’s level people. Obveously many are not gonna want to work an entry level job with their experience and education. The fact that we have like three masters people says a lot. So we’re getting there. It’s transitioning from one whole license to another which is no small thing.

I’m sad to not have my job anymore. At least now I won’t be so anxious when someone leaves (it depends on who it is of course there are many who better not leave for a good long time) because I can distract myself by helping get in applicants. So yeah will keep you posted on how the newbies are doing! Stephanie is doing really well as my PRSC. It’s kinda like Edith I go in to our weekly meetings not wanting to talk and end up talking for an hour. Because she’s so curious and really wants to understand what I’m talking about. So yeah like I said will keep you updated on life here. It is a comfort to know all the positions are filled because obviously it’s really hard on staff when they aren’t

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