hard day today

Hi everyone,

Today I was down and tired. I think about LaVonnya all the time. All the ways I wanted to get to know her but now can’t. The only time I felt better was when I was finding articles and videos to add to her FB page. The page is turning out nicely and I’m hoping more and mopre people will add to it as time goes by.

Jonathan still has my braillenote obviously. I told him I bet this would take weeks and weeks but he was like no way it will take only a few days! He’s said that before. As a side note, he literally after he broke his wrist severely thought he’d be back to work in a week or two! It was months later obviously.

So yeah that kinda sucks especially since I don’t know how to use this braille sense plus I have. I don’t even remember how I got it. I think it was someone online who read about all the advocacy stuff I’m doing and was like here want a notetaker? So yeah. I’ve had it sitting in my nightstand for like two years and Jess kept bugging me to “practice on it” like an instrument I guess, but I just never did. I hate doing new stuff! Anyone who knows me knows that. Especially Robert and Jess. Especially Robert as we do all our advocacy work and I ask him like everyday to do something techy for me often multiple times a day. He wants me to learn about the ipod touch (another thing I got a couple years back and use it very limited) *all by myself! I was like wow LOL!

So anyway I’m outa luck because he doesn’t know braille so he can’t help me with this new thing. I don’t even know if I’m hitting the on button right. I just press random buttons and sometimes it turns on and sometimes not. So yeah.

But I really didn’t feel like doing that today. I mostly zoned out downloading degrassi videos. I love that show! It covers so many amazing teen related topics! Now I wish it would have blind and deaf and other disabled integral character but hopefully it will get there.

So that was something mindless for me to do.. In LaVonnya’s last video she talked about that she liked Degrassi. Which I didn’t know. I wish I coulde talk about that with her.

Here’s the video


So yeah. Tomrrow will probably be better as do my weekly volunteer work which will take my mind off things.

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2 thoughts on “hard day today

  1. I hope it will be a better day today Sammy. so sad about lavanya. Maybe you could join a tech list and ask questions about the braille sense. I have a list in mind I’ll send the info to you. xxx

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