a better day and rant about braille sense plus problem

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it’s the first day of September. Anyway today has been a lot better. Jess got to come back to the room today I’m so happy for her! We order out to celibrate that and the fact meals sucked and after my totally weak feeling upset stomach experience I really am not so sure about fruit plates being enough for my body.

Anyway like I said feel better. Did figure out some stuff about the braille sense from *actually reading the manual! But the problem is the switch it will not turn on if it’s turned off unless you reset it.

It will however turn off once it’s on so I don’t know. Asked on a tech list and they say the switch is broken. This wouldn’t bother me had it not been for the fact that the woman who sent me this for free never mentioned this issue. I’m thinking that’s why she was fine with sending me it for free. So yeah I might like call the company tomorrow or something. I think I could theoretically like keep it on all day and just lock the keys so it doesn’t get messed with when I’m not actually using it and then shut it off when I want it to be off for the day. Will use up a lot of battery but I don’t see any other way. I have a feeling the electrician still hasn’t gotten back to Mr. J about my battery and probably won’t for awhile. Which makes sense they have so much else to do I’m surprised he said they’d do it in the first place. I’m seeing him tomorrow so we’ll see. That’s all for now

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