general update

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it’s September already! Wanted to do a general update.

Things are ok. They’ve settled down with Jess since last week. She has one hundred percent so far in one of her classes and I’m really proud of her! We’re going to her school Thursday for the first math test of the semester.

I’m still worried about her though that was quite a scare her cutting so suddenly. And I’m worried as she’s at the max dose of one of her meds maybe two. Do people have experience of being at the max dose of a med that’s working you just can’t increase it anymore? She says the psychiatrist said once that they’ll slowly take her off it while slowly putting her on something else at the same time. When I was at the highest dose of Zoloft and it just wasn’t working it was simply stopped because the psychiatrist I had at the time was horrible. So yeah. She is way more sensitive to med changes I think and I know at least some of this process would have to take place inpatient. So not looking forward to whenever that will be.

Tech stuff is still frustrating. The poor HP laptop with the broken screen still isn’t fixed. It’s been back here for awhile but of course getting all the information for the warantie place, some of which we had to get from my absent minded totally stressed mom took awhile. Since Jonathan is doing ten million things and probably shouldn’t be doing so much for me anyway, he gave Stephanie the responsibility of scanning in the needed recete and shipping the computer out. Well she forgot for a couple weeks then finally did it but didn’t know where she saved the document. Rather than doing it again she’s just gonna tell Jonathan to do it so she says. I really don’t like that. This is the first thing she’s been asked to do and she should pursue it despite not being tech savy. Oh sorry it’s the second thing. The first was call cat shelters for me which I think she tried to but got the same response about me being blind as a bvarrier. She wanted us to try to find ones I don’t know closer to here or something? I think all these places are so ignorant to say I can’t just come play with the cats because I’m blind even though a sighted person would be with me.

Anyway so there’s that. The braillenote battery of course hasn’t been dealt with. I agreed to Jonathan’s overly optimistic proposal that this would all be dealt with quickly. His conviction, once he looked at the battery itself (the sawtered/ tapped together mess of double a rechargeable batteries) that no battery store would fix it at least not for $30 or what someone said it would be. So he called an electrician who works on stuff here to come. I was extremely skeptical and very shocked that he’d call someone for this, I mean why would they want to come out anyway. And of course they’re busy. So it’s sitting in his desk. Meanwhile I have a braille sense that I don’t know how to use, with a broken on switch from a company with literally almost no tech support. You call and have to leave a voice mail and e-mail. It seems like only one person does this. He did e-mail me and gave me one idea to try but I wanted to trouble shoot with a live person.

So yeah none of this is very good. I miss my braillenote I use it about as much as I use my computer in a day especially with all those trips to Jess’s school and at night and in the morning when waking up to keep myself awake.

Last night I did a bit of extra volunteering to help out with the holiday and I had trouble going to sleep after so felt like I was dragging all day.

That’s about it. I hope I can meet with Jonathan on Friday. It was a hard week last week with the crisis. I guess I shouldn;’t complain at all. Most people in Jonathan’s position and stephanies or really anyone here wouldn’t care at all about someone’s technology never mind take it apart and fix it for free.

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