Tired/ down just got up way too early today

So today was long and I’m just very tired. I woke up when Jess did laundry in the early morning and read for a long time. I slept when she came back but whenever I wake up that early it feels like I hardly slept. I took two naps got an ice cream sandwich and still didn’t feel a hundred percent. I felt energized for like five minutes after dinner when I had good brownie cake for the second time today!

But anyway just blah. Soo hoping for therapy tomorrow. Already sent him my list of topics. There’s tech stuff, the braillenote battery, the computer (and how Stephanie didn’t even retry when she messed up not impressed) then there’s having Robbie over for his birthday and going to get smoothies yay! Mr. J said he’d help with the transportation so we need to figure that out. Then I just need time to like process my emotions about what happened last week with Jess having a hard time as well as frustration around not being able to open up to Stephanie. She does seem to try hard to understand and f reflect how I’m feeling but I don’t know, I guess it’s just hard only seeing her once a week even though that’s standard. And then yeah just so hard to know how someone new will react to me getting truly emotional and being in a vulnerable place. And like I said the one thing we gave her to do upload the final document to send the HP to the warantie store and she says she tried and isn’t able to well not impressive. But the thing is she is engaged very. Maybe it’s the name. You’ll remember my first ever caseworker was stephanie. Had her for a week andhalf she was lifeless as cardboard.

So yeah thinking about all that. Plus other random stuff about how deaf and blind people try to communicate and all the barriers. And just yeah other things only Sam’s random brain can understand and process. Wrote Robbie and he’s an excellent listener I’m telling you he should be a therapist!

So yeah hopefully the Jonathan meeting will happen tomorrow and we’ll have some things nailed down.

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