Actually had a little therapy in my room!

Hi everyone,

Today was kinda long until like twenty minutes ago!

I had to wait in the Dr. office forever to see Dr. Fyazz. Then I couldn’t meet with Jonathan at three because unfortunately one of the residents was not doing well and they were waiting on the ambulance to take her to the hospital. Meanwhile they like had to barricade her in his office with all these staff around. So yeah. I was very upset because I had a lot to talk about. Tech stuff, general life stuff, Him possibly helping Robbie come over next week.

So I came upstairs and was just like wicked stressed. Was thinking no way do I want us to go through this next week, that is Robbie and I being dependent on him helping with transportation one way or another from Friedman to here if he’s gonna have a big crisis.

But then OMG after dinner guess who knocked quietly/ played with the knob of your door? It was Mr. J! And he couldn’t even remember the code for the doorknob he installed LOL!

So he lay on the floor literally and we talked for like twenty minutes. He did this once before, well maybe more but the time I remember he had just broken his wrist like come back to work from that and he was still high on pain pills. He lay on the floor animating a few stuffed animals along with me LOL!

So the good news. He’s been working on my braillenote battery! As I said earlier we discovered through the article about the braillenote battery scandal, that it’s just aa rechargeable batteries. So he’s taken everything apart and has a guy ready to help. Just needs to figure out the exact voltage of the batteries so he doesn’t blow it up LOL! So I’m more than impressed. I’m telling ya should he like totally decide to leave mental healthcare he could run his own tech place and make a whole lot of money.

He’s gonna scan in that recete for my laptop warantie insurance for stephanie, and leave her to do the rest of it since it is her job. Which I was happy with.

I’m still very unable to say I really like her or want to open up. I said I didn’t know what would happen if I was my real emotional self with her. He was like we’ll find out soon LOL!

Believe me you don’t know how this made my night. And I think it’s cool that Robbie is coming over to celibrate his birthday next Friday which is Jonathan’s birthday!

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One thought on “Actually had a little therapy in my room!

  1. hi sam this sounds like just what you needed so happy for you that it happened! very cool robby gets to celebrate his birthday with you next week. and yay about the braillenote. hope it is fixed soon. xxx

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