Good but long trip to the dentist

Hi everyone,

So I had my appointment today no cavities and my fillings looked great. The dentist and her assistant both speak Spanish so were talking to each other in Spanish a lot and I swear I heard the word cavity a few times but then she actually cleaned my teeth and said they looked great so yay!

Getting there and going back are interesting. The office has very limited hours. Like Tuesday through Thursday two to six or something! Well we got there before two thanks to paratransit. The door was locked. I was freaking out of course because if something changes I freak out. I was like what are we gonna do! We crossed a street and there were cars and buses and OMG I pictured Samkill, but eventually we got to placews to try to find a seat. There was this little dinky market that didn’t have any seats besides on a shelf. Then the gas station had no seats. Then we went to this thai place with pop music and a waterfall sound machine. So yeah I just sat there til we had to go back. At least we didn’t have to deal with the tv like last time.

So yeah Sam has healthy teeth and fillings from last time. Hopefully will be able to see this same dentist six months from now. This will be the longest stretch I’ve actually seen the same dentist and twice in one year.

The ride home was long because it was rush hour and we had to drop someone off the radio like with the drivers talking to the company was going nuts with conversations and static and music on and I was like OMG can I go home!

There was no wayJess and I were gonna go down and eat after finally getting upstairs at like four thirty through a crowded elevator, one elevator is out of order again! So we ordered out it was worth the money.

Am happy that tomorrow we can chillax before Jess goes to school Thursday.

Oh. Had to tell you. I was soo happy I asked the dentist for a toy and they actually had them. I didn’t get to pick but she came back with a pink plastic ball like the ones in ball pits in indoor playgrounds. Tossed it around happily between then and home. Was sitting and really playing with it tonight, squishingETC and it poped! All the air came out of it. I was like ahh really? This is how fast Sam destroys toys! Jess called it cheapass but I like it. I figured out what happened the plastic broke right in the middle so we can like tape it together again so yeah. Sam needs more toys! Particularly stuff from stimtastic please!

So anyway that’s all on that.

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