won’t be on the computer very much for however long

So my HP computer is still broken obviously. It took my mom forever to send in the info needed to make a claim at the warantie place. Then Stephanie took forever to upload it. Now she’s waiting for a verification and the shipping label to send it out.

Meanwhile my Toshiba is having it’s same issues. We knew the charger cord pin has been lose for awhile and we thought I wouldn’t be using this computer very long as the HP would be back soon. Well obviously I’m using it for longer and the pin gets more and more lose. To the point that I’m sure one of those times will be the time I go to plug it in and it won’t work like was the case a year and a half ago or whenever he did it. Plus the battery only has like an hour and a half charge on it due me to me wearing it down by keeping it plugged in so much while using it in spite of Jonathan saying that’s not possible.

So don’t feel comfortable using the computer for more than like an hour a day to prevent it from breaking even more.

I have a very old IBM computer but I don’t think it has gmail on it set up. So just wanted to let you know. Not good on top of the stress of my best friend losing his remaining vision due to being neglected basically at friedman.

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One thought on “won’t be on the computer very much for however long

  1. i’m sorry you wont be on much I know how much you rely on being online. I really hope the computer gets fixed soon. you could use your ipod for email you could dictate emails maybe? it would give you practice. xxx

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