conversations with grandparents

So was gonna tell you guys about the conversations I had with my grandparents.

When I go to Jess’s school I always use that time to make phone calls. Because I’m not distracted by facebook or anything else. It was grandparents day last week by the way! So I called my grammey first my bio dad’s mom. I left a message saying hi and I love you.

Called my gramma next. This is my Dad’s mom. We talked for like a half hour. She’s a good person to talk to and listens well. She was happy Jess was doing well in school. That I was still volunteering online and stuff like that. I told her about Robbie and his issues. She said that really was terrible of Friedman and that she knew about doctors giving contradictory information because there were so many issues with my Grampa getting medical stuff done with his stomach.

We talked about Kat. I told her how to make the ILY sign, doubt she’ll remember. I asked if she ever watched switched at birth. She’s like oh yeah I watched that show. Then it made me sad. I asked why? She really didn’t gave an answer. She just said she watches a tv show for awhile and then gets bored. But she didn’t say bored she said sad. I bet it’s because there were disabled people on it or signingwas weird to watch, she didn’t like having to read subtitles I don’t know.

Oh the main reason I was calling her was I found her new BF here at Albany. This guy bruce 64 years old and identical personality to my Grampa. Annoying as hell. Has somehow been siting at our table for awhile I’ve resigned myself to it. Him and Kat fought over his seat once. She made her tiger deaf girl scream it was pretty awesome! But anyway yeah bruce won’t shut up about whatever. Sings to himself. Is always asking for food even before he’s done his first plate. Coffie sugar, disert, “how thick is this meat? What comes with this other thing? I don’t like that I like it this way.” On and on. Just like grampa. When I figured this out I had to tell her. Too bad we can’t put him on a plane back to ma.

So that was pretty good. I said I was really mad at friedman and she said don’t overstep your bounds girl! No duh! Yeah I’m just gonna march in there and like get someone to fire the director. Of course I’d be more stelth than that.

I did say and I still think this is the irony of the whole thing that figures Robbie moved to a place for the blind and lost his vision. That should be a good headline somewhere. Robbie write the article now!

Then Grammy called me back. She’s 93 and less well mentally there. She’s like I forgot what your voice sounded like! Then I listened to the message a couple times and I realized it had to be you. I’m like ok?

So she started going on and on about how her friend’s getting married and moving away and how she went to the store and like all this stuff. So eventually when she paused for breath I told her about Robbie getting glaucoma. She’s like Oh is he? That’s too bad. Hey I have to tell you I went to this wedding…

Ok well I guess when you’re 93 hearing about someone losing their sight isn’t anything new. Never mind that they’re 27

I was very exhausted once I got off the phone with her because she was like talking about all these different topics all at once and it was just like yeah tiring.

I feel bad particularly for Grammy. She really would do well hanging out with other old people in assistive living with a lot more activities to do but she’s too stubborn.

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