Today’s update: computer issues, update on Robbie and me in general

Hi everyone,

So obviously I’m on the computer. I am worried about using this computer for long periods of time once I realized what was going on with the battery and port which I’ll explain in a minute. Got out the older IBM computer as I mentioned. This one is very picky as to whether it decides to go online or not but I can use it to do things like listen to audio books. Kinda wish I knew how to put MP3s on my ipod touch. But that would take ten hours Sammy language for way too long for me to figure out!

So anyway the computer issue. Remember last year when Jonathan had to totally take my computer apart and put it back together? Well this same thing happened. So he did all that because I had dropped it at friedman place and what started as a little hole turned into a big hole right in the area of the charger port. The area that keeps the pin in place to connect to the cord kept eting worn down because obviously stuff wasn’t lined up right due to the hole. It was a progressive thing til one day I had no choice but to use my new computer. I think? Yeah I think that was when I had to use my new computer or the old IBM I don’t know. Anyway one day it just wouldn’t plug in anymore because the pin was forced back so far.

So Jonathan amazingly got everything all together, if he decides to stop working with crazy people he can work as the nicest best tech at best buy! He’d probably be fair too and not ridiculously overcharge them might even throw in some free counseling!

Anyway so unfortunately like three months later the computer fell again. Yeah I know bad Sammy

So we had a little hole. And didn’t worry much about it because I had my new computer and Jess had hers. At one point there was something up with hers she needed a new cord or something so she used this one. But anyway when the HP went out we really didn’t think I’d be without it for like almost four months now or three whatever. So obviously the same process is happening with the pin being pushed back which means you need to very carefully plug the cord in and it falls out easily.

Part two, Robbie bought me a battery last year for $6 on amazon! Will let you all know if I see that deal again. But yeah. So I have a bad habit of using the computer while it’s plugged in because who wants to stop in the middle of something and shut it off to charge? Jonathan and Jess both say this isn’t the case with batteries anymore but I know it is and so does Robbie. So ya know how people say don’t use your cell while it’s charging? It’s because if you’re charging the battery and using it at the same time the two things cancel each other out. It’s getting charge and losing charge so the battery gets confused and basically once you take it off the charger it has less battery life because it’s used to being on the charger all the time. Then you have a dead battery. My dad explained this and he works in construction so you have to believe him.

So that’s what’s going on I have like an hour and a half on the battery and a really sketchy charger thing happening.

And we still haven’t even gotten the shipping label for the warantie place. Because it took stephanie like three weeks to forget and then remember and then forget and finally do it, and then fail and then have to do it again. And I guess all it said was verifying so saw Jonathan for a few minutes today and he said there must be a human at the other end of the computer I’ll call and see if we can speed this up! He said he was sure they’d call right back if someone wanted to buy a warantie. He said these places purposely make it hard to do so people will give up.

He also said he ordered the special rechargeable AA batteries and then the electrician friend will work his magic!

I am so so grateful to Jonathan for all this! I doubt anyone else would care so much. But that’s just Mr. J he does this stuff for everyone except in most cases he’s buying cigarettes and coffie.

I really do need a Jonathan meeting.Found him today and asked if he was taking tomorrow off becauseit’s his birthday. I sent him like five e-mails with no reply. He said he was taking a few hours off but would deffinetely be in! I explained about the computer and why I don’t want to use it. Many times humor particularly Jonathan’s brand helps with my anxiety/ mood. So when I was finished he said lightly “well that’s a glass is half full kinda attitude.” He teases me about this. I snapped, not realizing I was close to tears until they were brimming,” I’m sorry I have a glas half full attitude my friend lost his vision this week!” He said he was sorry and I know he meant it. He gave me a hug.

It’s just so much on top of me at once the tech stuff. Robbie’s issue obviously. As a quick update they tried the laser surgery today and it didn’t work because he has an inflamed iris. Which is basically fallout from what happened in may 2015 and should have been followed up on ages ago by Friedman place!

So I’m pretty angry at them and just so upset. Ya know doctors say things, and I don’t know if it’s even likely or not but I guess this guy said the eye pressure could go to his brain and cause a stroke or aneurism and it’s like OMG I could lose my best friend ya know?

Plus I haven’t had a sit down meeting with Jonathan in like almost a month and back at that point I still never had a chance to process the events that took place with Jess and her scratching.

So I went to her school with her. She took two math tests. I made phone calls will post about that next because they were funny.

Then came back here had dinner with annoying crazy people and am now here. Will try to chillax.

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