Long day part one: Robbie update

Hi everyone,

So today was long. First of all as an update about Robbie he had his laser surgery on Thursday. They did both eyes bnecause though he has no vision in the right one the issue is the same with the ducts being blocked. The Dr. discovered on the left one that’s having all the problems he has an inflamed Ires which is somehow making the laser surgery not work or not effective so he has to have an actual operation on the 29th.

I’m worried for him but am the steady partner in crime as always. I know he has a lot of friends cheering him on and trying to help. I’m quietly behind the scenes researching possibilities and just there for whenever he needs something done or looked at or anything. I wish I could do more, am furious about the neglect that has caused this issue because honestly we know it came down to no medical coordination of care. But I know I can’t just call and yell at people there as some would and I guess have tried to do. The approach needs to be more stelth and everything.

So today I spent hours going through my e-mnails. Aside from the may incident I knew he had seen Dr. Gil put him on a med and then awhile later I knew he went to the hospital as it lowered his body temperature randomly. I remember clear as day him telling me this and saying they put him on drugs to calm his immune system down and again said how serious this was. I searched and searched by subject name date everything. Did find the one message saying he saw Gil and this was in mid September. Was still totally lost on the date as to when the hospitalization happened. Finally checked my journal. I made a one sentence comment on Christmas that we’d skypped and he’d said that he’d gone to the hospital a couple weeks back for ten hours with immune system issues. So wish I said more but I guess I didn’t think it was that serious at the time. I searched and searched in December 2015 area but nothing. Why would he tell me on skype something that happened weeks back and not e-mail anything? I know it was a chaotic time at FP with a ton of staff changes and residents leaving.

So yeah all day people I did this! I was a determined Sammy. I just couldn’t rest until I figured it out and I’m still not happy as I swore there was something in writing. We need as much as possible in writing here. This Dr. Greenberg who thinks he’s so smart is missing these clues about the immune system issues that were present and this one is a good example as it happened and had nothing to do with his eye but might show the “ghacky bloodwork” he said he never saw present. What’s hard is getting all these records and a comprehensive chart together when the nursing department is so disorganized. Guess I need to just let it be and quit hunting down an e-mail that probably isn’t there. Will ask Jack what he remembers about that particular incident.

So that’s been a lot.

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2 thoughts on “Long day part one: Robbie update

    • Hey Yeah I think somehow during that time period we hadn’t done a ton of e-mail around how things were at FP because there was so much going on with enuja leaving and stuff that in catching up you told me. Well the big thing is geting those records of the visit.

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