a relaxing day for a change


So today was very relaxing. Had my refreshing nap. Both meals were stuff I’d absolutely not eat and I don’t want a repeat of what happened Sunday with me actually gagging I was so weak! So we ordered out two pizzas so could have some for lunch and some for dinner. So wish there was a microwave here but it was worth it even cold to be able to just not leave the floor and not be bothered by everything.

I got to watch movies on youtube, and totally chillax. Organized some audio files onmy external harddrive. Talked to friends on e-mail. Am missing Kat. She’s been at the hospital over a week. I keep messaging her and saying we’re thinking of her and hope she sees them. I’m so happy that you get computer time at masonic! If I ever go I’ll have to try and bring my laptop for that. But anyway. Just so relaxed which is refreshing after this week. Robbie seems to be doing ok. The drops are actually not hurting him anymore which maybe he just had to get used to them or it could be another weird thing with his immune system. But I’m glad he’s in less pain. Hoping tomorrow is just as relaxing.

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