exploring dreamwidth blogging journaling site ,

So this weekend was very relaxing.

My friend has a blog on a site called dream width. Not sure where they found it. Anyway he was bugging me about how accessible it is and he wants his blog posted there because it’s more private and can’t be tracked by a search engine. I didn’t know google like randomly tracked blogs but ok.

So today finally created an account just to respond to his blog. It’s very interesting I searched for different things like mental illness and disabilitys and there are others sharing interests but many many people use it to post and share pictures meems, graphic designed photoshop stuff ETC. And a lot of the people seem weird like saying they consider themselves nonhuman and part of the dragon world or something I’m not kidding someone said this! So I spent some time looking into it.

Maybe I’ll meet someone interesting on there I don’t know.

Here’s the link:


Would love to connect with other people with disabilities and mental illness also for those that are interested a lot of fan fiction is posted on this site of various types.

It’s also a good spot for someone just starting blogging and wanting a private place to do so or to only have your posts read by a few select people.

We’ll see what this site is like as I get to know it a little. Though I’m not gonna be in touch with the dragon people!

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2 thoughts on “exploring dreamwidth blogging journaling site ,

  1. Hey I looked at this. The communities don’t seem very active though like the disability one isn’t really doing much since years ago so don’t think it’s really a place to meet new people sadly.

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