may be off and on major issues

Hi everyone,

So super quick. May not be on the computer mostly e-mail for awhile. My Toshiba has to have the cord held in place to stay pluged in now which Jess very nicely is doing!

It came to this last time this issue happened I was very upset when it became clear a few weeks back it was getting this bad and he was like it’ll be fine we’ll have the HP fixed soon. Well the HP still hasn’t been sent out due totm beig slow t get this warantie submitted and then like not callng anne to talk with them about it. I know Jonathan is doing huge over the top favors with helping me with this stuff which is why I can’t get mad at him but the stress is killing me.

So basically as this one is becoming worse and worse all I have left is a very old IBM computer. I can go on facebook easily enough but can’t seem to have any desktop e-mail program working right now. Stuff was I thought but haven’t used it in awhile. So yeah will have to access gmail site or something.

It could be stress related or a random reaction but I have random itchy spots all over my body like bug bites but there are no bugs at all. I have exygma but these aren’t consistent with that appearance. So I’m freaking out because I do with anything medical. Sent her pictures of them, taken at wal mart LOL and new she’d know cause she knows my skin. She said she’d never seen anything like it on me./ So yeah just started up a couple days ago and mostly today. So she called the Dr. and put hydrocortozone on it for now.

So yeah don’ know what to tell ya except I’m really freaking out with everything. Not having a PRSC I feel comfortable talking to is rough. Stephanie didn’t even show up Friday for our meeting. At first I was extremely happy not to get another uselsss you need to use the cane lecture. But I suppose she should have shown up and I should be able to tell her any of the things on my mind but she didn’t and I wouldn’t have and so yeah.

Will let you know how things go. Hopefully get an e-mail program set up on the old computer. Took me an hour to post that book review last night from the site itself.

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