yesterday’s update: computer, skin spots, and Robbie

I tried to write a whole post last night and was tryingf to send when the internet on this computer decided to stop working. I’m on this old IBM computer from when I was in college my last year and my HP decided to just crash. My dad’s school where he’s the facilities manager like gets rid of their laptops every year. It was when everyone was changing to windows seven so I guess since they’re rich they figured they’d just buy all new computers rather than update like normal people. So this computer has xp and jaws on it. It’s a pritty solid computer though. I’ve had no problems with it except it’s very slow. It can’t handle things like going on, and there isn’t space to put stuff like aaudio books on it but I’m making it work. So to cover yesterday. Couldn’t find Mr. J. He was in his office after lunch with the big boss of the place so even staff doesn’t really want to bother them when that’s going on. Jess and I were waiting and Stephanie hapened by. She diid apologize for missing friday’s meeting. She said “it got crazy” I wish she would have e-mailed like sooner or had someone tell me this was going on. Those are Edith type things and I know I need to keep reminding myself she’s not Edith. And other PRSCS might not have even cared at all. She seemed a bit more connected than last time I guess. Trying to give her credit for something. She did actually try to have the wrantie people do their call back thing after the stuff was submited as it said to. I thought she hadn’t bothered. But she did and they never did call back. But she didn’t madly pursue it or give them her work cell. Which Edith or Nakia would have done but at least she tried. She did seem sorry that she couldn’t do it, she especially said Jonathan wished she had been able to. I can only imagine about that. Last night mom did send me the phone number of someone from the place square trade that they can call. Don’t ask me how she got ahold of anyone as Stephanie claimed there’s no way to call costumer service but whatever. Hopefully this will help if I can ever get back online to send the number to Jonathan.
He still has the braillenote and battery that the electrician hopefully is working on. I’m not so worried about that as I’m using the braille sense ok. Other than having to reset the thing to get it to turn on which I still am not sure is best for the computer or whatever works the thing. I’m more concerned right now about geting a working computer. The toshiba technically can operate but it’s the thing with the cord being so bad in that power port because the pin has gotten all out of line because of the piece of plastic breaking. Plus it needs a new battery. Robbie got me one for very cheap on amazon and I tried to go online and look and that’s when I found out this old thing couldn’t handle that site.
In other news my spots are doing ok. Nurse said that all Dr. BK sha would say is to use the hydrocortozone and wait to see what happened. Last night we were planning on going to see Karen the director of nursing. But today they seem better though as of this writing just discovered a new itchy spot on my right arm. They literally come out of nowhere like that. I’m tired of geting asked the same questions: do I take a bath with soap and water? LOL this is actually a fair question as so many here sadly don’t. And probably have skin issues among other things as a result. They ask if I have any alergies which I don’t. I kind of think it’s stress related. Or could be part of my egxyma just like a new form of it. Though my mom who’s had it all her life, and I’ve had it all mine so she’s seen my skin, said it didn’t look like it. But you never know. Like I pointed out I never had twitching shoulders until one random day it just happened. And now it’s part of my anxiety issue. So yeah. Mary the CNA who put our bug worries to rest pointed out too you can get a reaction to something randomly any time in your life so that could be it. So yeah I’m a bit less worried though we still might stop by Karen as Jess has to talk with them anyway about something.
Lastly Robbie is doing ok. Sadly the really good CNA, the one who makes Dr. apointments suddenly died this weekend. So yeah it’s pritty bad for many reasons one being he was like soo good with geting stuff like Dr. apointments and things made and really advocating. I’m hoping this doesn’t put off his surgery or screw it up. But we’ll see. Well that’s all for now. Hoping as I typed this up in notepad once the net decides to connect I can send it easily.


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