Thursday: school trip, cats and no more spots

Hi everyone,
Today was pritty good. Still no Jonathan. Which is the most
frustrating thing of all. Just sitting and waiting and knowing it’s like 99.9 percent likely that he hasn’t done anything with calling about the computer being sent to square trade even with the contact info. Mom said she’d try to help if he keeps not doing anything as she knows it’s because he’s so busy.
The thing with him which I’ve said many times is he gives a hundred percent maybe more, to whatever he’s doing. That’s how I’ve had such in depth therapy even though he can’t do that with really anyone else he made the time. He’s made the time to drive a resident like two hours to go visit family or take a resident out to dinner on his own birthday. Don’t ask how that got started! Or to fix a variety of tech items mostly computers. Or I’m sure to do similar things with staff. The problem is when he’s really into doing one of these things everything, and I mean everything else goes to the background. Including sadly staff. There will be times when no one knows where he is. Though I asume tossi does. So that’s the thing he’s like single mindedly comitted on individual stuff. If there’s a difficult side to him that’s it.
Anyway. At least I didn’t have time to just sit around wishing for a better computer. Because I had nap lunch and then we went to Jess’s school. It was cool and rainey out. Finally feeling like fall. Which is great as it will be October in a day.
Jess got a hundred percent on her math test! I’m extremely jealous. I never did that well and math though I never cared to do that well. I just wanted to pass.
I hung out and read a book which I’ll probably review soon. Was really into it.
We got home. And had to make the always difficult choice around whether to order out or not. I technically have money saved. But I want to save it. Mainly to get a new battery for the toshiba. So if Jonathan can’t get to the whole take it apart and replace parts thing if we can charge it up and use it for like six hours at a time that would be lovely. Robbie found this amazing deal on amazon and got me the battery for like less than $10. Unfortunately he can’t find the order. And I’m not on either computer with outlook where I can just search through and find it.
But I’m sure we’ll get there.
So we had dinner. Which was pineapple chocolate ice cream and jello for me. I’m really surprised I’m not skinny as my cat Lucky used to be.
On to cats. As you know we have Simon and Lucky. Mom took Simon in for stuff. He’s old, we found out through mom pulling up the records that he’s like 16 or 17. We got him in 199 for my sister. He’s had many lives. Between uti infections and stomach issues there were a few times when we thought he was at the end. But he always perked up. I have a friend who’s a psychic intuitive whatever you call it. Anyway she communicates with animals. She said he’ll know when it’s time. So my mom found out he has kidney disease. This was very shocking and sad. I guess he’s on special food. And mom doesn’t want to do anything to “torture him” like anything that’s g gonna really irritate him at his age.
Simon is not my favorite cat. But he’s been in my life forever. And a huge emotional issue for me is anxiety and depression around never seeing the pets, any of them before they pass away. I think I had this anxiety even before I left friedman. With visiting home such a all over the map issue it’s a rational thing. I wish my parents would take videos or even pictures. But they say they don’t have the time. Lucky came to us in 2002. He’s 11 so still has a lot of life. I have a feeling he’ll grow old and still keep fighting. My mom’s gonna have quite an adventure luring him into the carrier without being scratched to death. I’m the only one who he lets carry him all kinds of weird ways like paws hanging all over the place practically upside down hanging over my arms. My mom can’t even brush him. He still sleeps in my bed well my dad’s bed now. But yeah. So he’s going in for a rabi’s shot. I guess it’s against the law not to have your pet get it even if they’re indoor. So they’re gonna do that. And he has this weird bump thing on his head. We thought it was from a rough playtime with Simon but Simon doesn’t run around like he used to. I guess he doesn’t even really go up and down the stairs anymore really sad.
Hoping it’s nothing. They’ve left it there long enough always saying they’ll take him in but then not. To be fair my mom takes excillent care of the animals. Though they’ve born the brunt of my mom’s modds just as everyone else in the house. Animal intuitive said why Simon pees everywhere could be emotional stress. Or kidney disease LOL! But I think she’s right in part.
I suggested she lure him into the carrier with food. He loves bacon. Everytime I eat bacon I think of him. So she said she would. She still says she’s need to wear armor they’ll have to restrain him in a wowel to avoid most of the scratches. I do wish I could be there because it’s my baby but yeah.
So that’s the pet adventures.
Extremely sad about Simon and wonder about Lucky’s head thing. Other than that I’m doing ok I guess.
Hoping tomorrow I will make some kind of contact with Jonathan. Oh and this morning the nurse had that zerteck pill from BK Sha of course. Which I declined. Not I’ll have to refuse that everyday til he takes it off my chart. Sigh.
I’m really hoping my spots don’t come back. At least I sort of know what they are, especially not bed bugs! So it’s less anxiety. Book review on the way!


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