update: medical dR aetna insurance closing

Well today was somewhat better than yesterday. My spots are going away and no new ones though the one on my right wrist, that Karen says is different from the others was itchy and iritated but I think it’s because it’s new. I’m very happy about this.
I did go down to see BK Sha today. He’s the same very dense weird doctor I’ve always had. Who insisted I could be pregnant when my period took a little vacation when there’s absolutely no way I could be. Unless I had one of those miracle babies or something. Or like you take psych meds and magically grow a baby as a side-effect!
Anyway this time he basically acted as useless as anyone just throwing out wild guesses about what could be going on. Got the same round of questions about alergies, did I use different soap (at least he didn’t ask if I took a bath at all!) were there bugs. And all that.
He threw out every suggestion from putting me on an antibiotic, to taking an alergy pill, to buying some over the counter lotion. It was so frustrating too as not only is he just really clueless but I have trouble understanding his accent. So Karen was my advocate and repeater of much of what he said. He ended saying to just keep using the hydrocortozone and maybe take zerteck an alergy pill. Which I do not need! Karen whispered that if I didn’t want it I didn’t have to. Good thing because I would have reffused.
It was frustrating but what did I expect? I really wish we could get better dr.s in here especially female. Or just ya know good anyone. I guess BK is like the best they have. I’ve heard others are much worse. But I’m just happy they’re going away.
Found out from talking with Robbie that Aetna insurance is like closing down in IL next year! That was another stress I don’t need but I’m glad I found out because likely no one would have said anything until like it was happening. So of course I called Bobbie the appointments lady. I told her what I knew. She was like OK? like she had no idea. I was like have you heard of this? She’s like yeah I’ve heard of some plans that will no longer be with us. She made it sound like people. Which is kinda true like I’m really concerned Dr. Anderson the good dentist won’t be on these other plans.
She said Jeje in administration and Mr. Tossi the big boss are working out. I told her I’d be bugging people. Because I want to find the best plan posible. Will also call the medicaid case worker we have. So yeah. At least I have time to figure this all out. I knowall of the plans that we use will cover all of the doctors that come here. Just worried about that dentist. Now that I actually have fillings I feel I need to have them looked at twice a year. Because they did put this stuff in my mouth and I have no idea ya know signs of something wrong or if it needs to be like repaired every so often or what. And I sure don’t want any new cavities. I really liked Dr. Anderson. One reason being my mom and her both speak spanish so my mom can like advocate for me. Like we thought they were gonna have to numb me for the cavity so my mom got her to explain it to her and she told me about it. Thankfully that didn’t happen.
Medicaid has this reallyoff the wall idea that dental apointments aren’t medically necessary. So we’re lucky I did get to see her twice a year. I tthink with the new managed care plans they are making that more of a priority. Or were I thought I saw it written somewhere. Anyway that’s about all. Tomorrow will be taking Jess for a math test. She’s doing amazingly awesome! I give her so much credit especially with stupid math. Like stuff you never need to know in your life. So yeah. This computer is killing me. Can’t even really do my volunteer work on it. Really hoping to connect with Jonathan on friday.


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