monday updayte frustrated with computer stuff

Hi everyone,
S So today was ok. Didn’t have any crying meltdowns or anxiety. Spent most of the day organizing my many audio files. Which I could probably do all day every day for a long time and still have more. Thought I’d be having more of a breakdown by now. Aswhat happened this weekend is what I’ve been dreading for more than a few years. Guess I’m still in shock trying not to think too much about it. We don’t know how long Simon lived in human years. And I’m afraid of looking that up because of finding out just how old Lucky is.

It doesn’t help I don’t have many of my distractions like the projects Robbie and I do daily. Because this stupid internet driver or whatever is so picky on when it connects and often goes in and out. Usually only for like up to an hour or something but it does it often so like I’ve had to write some of these blog entries in note pad and then copy and paste. So doing anything on the gmail website is beyond frustrating. So I go on there different times a day and just watch the junk mail pour in.
So if you want to get ahold of me facebook is best and please follow this blog.
I’ll be overjoyed when I get the new battery for the thoshiba. Though will have a toon of anxiety on it until Jonathan fixes the pin. I’m so relieved he’s not mad at me for breaking it again. And his idea of ordering a good battery and having it charge and then using it til it runs down would give me a good six hours. And hopefully I’ll be really careful to not have the laptop connected to the power cord all the time as that quickly permanently drains the battery.
I have the battery info and info for my model computer. Jonathan just needs to order off ebay where you can get a good battery for under $20. Robbie got one for under $6. So yeah that’s the biggest thing. That and geting the HP shipped off.
Tomorrow am taking Jess to school which will take my mind off stuff both Simon and computer issues.


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