a relaxing tuesday

So today ended up being a nice relaxing day. One worry gone, I finally got my period. As much as I wanted another six month vacation I didn’t want the annoying anxiety of the nurses asking and asking and I’m a bad liar and they’d push for me going to the gynoand all that. So I didn’t feel too great but would have gone to Jess’s school anyway. I also had a hard time sleeping last night. Having weird dreams like that Jess and I were going to school at the exact same time at different schools so I couldn’t bring her and was generally restless.
She felt like she needed more time to studdy for her test so it worked out us staying home. And it was a relaxing day. Monica came up looking for mybraillenote. I had to remind him that he had it somewhere in his office because when we first shipped out the HP we accidentally grabbed that cord instead of the HP one. The nice UPS guy actually came back so we could switch them out.
I was all excited to see what a good, hopefully, job the electrician did with the battery. Jonathan asked how you knew it was working which was kinda funny to explain to someone who never used one. I was like that strip with the dots at the botom it moves LOL! But sadly I never heard back from him all afternoon so hoping he just got busy rather than that the guy totally screwed up making the battery.
I took an afternoon nap but not an overly long one. Mostly just chilaxed and am reading the newest Rosie Lewis book. It came out awhile back but I hadn’t read it. I really wish her first book trapped was on audio. I don’t know what’s with harper audio. They had all Cathy’s books out in a year, every single one but with Rosie and Casey they’re only doing the newer ones. Maybe I’m not bugging the right people.

Anyway not much else going on. Except my pure joy geting a facebook mesage from my best friend ever about a little present he got me! So yeah. Tomorow we have flu shots. Which is really important with all the sick people around here.
Speaking of Robbie we had an awesome phone call and he doesn’t have to have any surgeries at all! And he’s not on any eye drops. Wish his sight would come back but he’s dealing with the frustrations in Robbie style. His next memoir will be like When The Lights went out: How I became blind overnight. Or something!


One thought on “a relaxing tuesday

  1. thats pretty funny about robbys memoir. glad you got your period though and have one less thing to worry about. casey messaged me on fb and said she was working with her publishers and was hopeful that her old titles would be brought out on audio soon. xxx

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