UP and Down Thursday

So today was an up and down kinda day. Every single day when we go to lunch I search for Mr. J. I was worried as I hadn’t heard directly from him this week other than about looking for the power cord. Staff coming in and out of his office were pritty faciniated by “the thing on his desk with all the buttons” someone called it a phone LOL! This same person said it was beeping. The braillenote normally only beeps when you reset it. If it was constantly beeping I was really worried the guy just totally screwed up the battery which I would not blame him for taking a chance on something like this.
Anyway I was the happiest ever when he called me back! while waiting for a doctor apointment to follow up on his arm.
I couldn’t stop thanking him and like I can’t believe you called me! So he sure had updates.
He still didn’t quite get how the braillenote worked. Beyond the sounds when you reset it and me telling him the strip below the keyboard has dots that come up and down. I have the speech
automatically off. He’s wicked fascinated so I might show it to him tomorrow at our meeting. I’m impressed he was willing to go out on a limb to fix something he knew nothing about besides what he saw online. I want to hug the electrician who was willing to take the time to do this.
In terms of the HP I guess the reason the claim was closed was because it’s still under HP protection. They needed proof that HP had said they wouldn’t fix it which he sent them. He said he should be able tohave info sent to him on shipping out in the next couple days. I’ll believe it when I see it but I’m happy it got cleared up. He forgot whether I had e-mailed or texted the information on the battery and model number of the computer. Understandable as I send so much stuff particularly repeats of please let me know any updates pritty please!
So I went to forward him the e-mail. Not so simple with this stupid old computer. First I had to wait like a half hour for everything to be loaded up and like ready to use. Got to gmail got to the sent area. Went to send it and: buzz! buzz! Some idiot pulled the fire alarm again! Or they were having a drill which I still think is kinda stupid as the alarms seem to go off so much relatively, around here that we all pritty much know what to do.
So I had to go out there and sit in the dayroom. Where for some reason in addition to the constant way too loud buzzing they have two other higher pitched beeping alarms. Something about the room used to be people smoking in it or something. That was the one little good thing about when the alarm went off in the cafiteria it was just the buzzing which was easier to drown out with me and Jess covering our ears.
But this went on and on and on. I didn’t even hear the fire trucks coming which makes me think it totally might have been a drill. But I was sitting there listening and it’s like the rest of everyone was just chatting away like normal. They were talking about the election and the debate, and the board game they were gonna play like totally calmly. I’m always just like what in the world? How could you not be likeoverloaded by all this and then basically frozen.
Then there was this thing I guess in resetting the alarm when it will stop and then start a few times on off on off. That was really driving me crazy because I thought it was off and then would relax and then jump a mile. Again others were startled but not like me or Jess. When it finally ended we both took our anxiety PRNS. the old school day nurse just said I was a pain in the butt. And that I better get used to drills if I’m gonna have my own apartment one day. I said well yeah! I have had drills before. It doesn’t make it any easier. I tried to explain about how most people get totally disoriented and anxious when the lights are out. Of course the tough old girl says I’m not afraid of that! And how would you know when the power is off anyway? Sigh. Never mind.
So finally get back here. And after another forty minutes of impatiently waiting for the internet on this thing to cooperate and having to restart it a couple times I finally sent the one e-mail! Then I moved on to wanting to send Jess this video I watched about sleep studdies. As she’s having one tonight. There in fact. I have the place to myself happy/ sad!
Anyway so she’s like can you send me the video? It was pritty good from the university of chicago. Sadly she’s going to thorack. Hate even saying the name of that place. Where Gil lives my little summer vacation in 2014. Along with the nightly visit from the fat mouse. However Jess did go to another department for her foot or something and I guess that was fine. Anyway their site didn’t have any info on sleep studdy. So I youtubed and found this one. Wish she could have gone to UIC don’t know why they chose thorack anyway. Probably insurance.
Anyway so as you can imagine I had the same problem. Couldn’t get the internet to even go on youtube. Then entered in the wrong thing and this other video on how to use a home sleep studdy kit came up. That was kinda interesting although I can totally see someone geting frustrated with all the hook ups on them and just throwing it out before the night is over. And then the internet crashed. And then I just decided to leave the internet for awhile because I was beyond frustrated. So I listened to my audio book and got really into that. And then it was dinnertime. So she’s on her own tonight sadly! No helpful video. She’ll get the live what to expect as it’s going on verssion.
I guess not surprisingly my stomach had issues tonight. I’ve been like having fruit plates for a lot of meals or maybe that and the sides and it catches up with me. Plus all I was eating all afternoon was chips. Plus the fire alarm. Even with ativan I just couldn’t relax. So going down there was hard. And then I ate cake ice cream and french fries. But the other stuff was actually spicey and so that would have been worse. So I came up and took my bath. Right before Jess left I got pepto, tylenol and another ativan. I was surprised but Asan just gave it to me. I know it will go down in the report though as unusual use of PRNS and someone will come ask about it. As long as I get my nighttime dose too that is all that matters. And I am feeling better. It will be really nice to see Jonathan tomorrow. And to have my braillenote back working. One step towards tech normality. The battery will be the big


3 thoughts on “UP and Down Thursday

  1. The fire drill, Sammy, I think was the norm for lately: someone pulled the darn alarm.

    And I’m HOME. 🙂

    And you know what? I had my own room for awhile. Know how ya feel in that regard. Maybe when we go to a place like Gateway, you’ll spend more time in your room or in the living room instead of mine. 😉

    • Yeah love how Jonathan and Tosi are saying emediate discharge for people who pull the alarms finally! No I’m gonna be in your room all the time dump me and my toys on your bed and take the whole thing over LOL!

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