Wednesday update: flu shots and candy, hate old computer with a passion and bank anxiety

Today was actually pritty busy. Jess and I were down for flu shots today. So this cut into my nap. Which was ok. Then Jackie one of the PSAS said since we signed up a couple weeks back we had to wait til the end of the month when a new batch came in.
While we were down there we tried to find Mr. J. Monica came out of the office saying he was talking to Stephanie and her. I secretly wondered if they would get around to Stephanie’s thoughts on our relationship, and therefore Jonathan having a better idea if I should change PRSCS. She said he was working on my braillenote, as she called it that interesting retangular thing with buttons.
I’m really hoping that the electrician did the battery correctly. She said he’d been talking about hooking it up. And the inside of it was visible yesterday. I know he’d had trouble finding the charger cord which if something is in his office it’s in a black hole of everything you can imagine mostly taken apart tech stuff, different keys, and paperwork. So just hoping things go well.
Anyway after lunch the nursing office secretary said that we could actually get our shots. The little theater was taken over by pharmacists and treats. They intice people to get them with candy and cookies. So yeah I got my shot didn’t even hurt. My mom was very jealous about no candy. My dad would have been worse. He would have wanted to grab the whole bowl.
I had some anxiety later when I was looking in my bank account. To waive a random stupid maintance fee for my saving account (thank you bank of america!) I had to have $25 automatically transfered to my savings at the beginning of the month. So that takes away from the money left over after my $703 check clears. Plus whatever is left from when mom gives me money. We ordered out sunday in the aftermath of learning about losing Simon and I wasn’t thinking at all about this. Was really upset when I realized I didn’t have enough in my account to balance when the check cleared. Which thank goodness it takes time to get here and then deposited by albany. I quickly transfered some from my savings which we were gonna do anyway for ordering out. So it’s sort of canceled itself out except we never got to order out. You all know about the huge no win situation with the food served here, buying snacks, or ordering out and how I lose money either way or have physical issues from not geting whole meals into me.
So that took awhile to settle. Had a good conversation with my mom about most things under the sun. She met an old friend at the grocery store and saved a runaway cart from crashing into her car. So mom “befriended” her on facebook. She was on facebook a long time ago, when she really felt that if you work now you have to be on facebook twitter and everything. Not that she knows a thing about it. She hated the random people friend requesting her and them geting mad when she didn’t know how to answer their questions on the mesenger.
The funniest part was when she said OMG to the mesage to this high school friend. I’m like OMG mom you said OMG lol! That sounds so weird coming from someone so old. LOL!
So yeah it was pritty funny. So now I’m in a good mood. But hating this old computer. With staticy speakers. Tried to do some online volunteering on it and it’s just so slow in the messenger the set up seems different because I’m using an older not up to date screen reader. And at one point the computer just got hot and wouldn’t do anything. Sigh. I left Jonathan yet another mesage saying pritty please order the battery! He takes my anxious bugging in stride. And it’s actually a good sign when I was able to a ask for what I needed/ call him about an issue rather than scratching or holding my feelings in. We’ve moved to the stage where he mostly won’t answer the phone, but I’m welcome to listen to his voicemail anytime.
So yeah we’ll see how that goes. So pritty good day all things considered productive.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday update: flu shots and candy, hate old computer with a passion and bank anxiety

  1. I’m sorry you had some anxiety, that would make me really anxious to. Not knowing whether I had enough money. Glad it was sorted out though. Can’t believe they serve such off of food there. Don’t know how you cope.

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