Finally got Braillenote back! And Jonathan meeting

Finally have braillenote back! And Jonathan meeting
So the good news. One tech device fixed! The braillenote is back. With a wonderfully built battery by Stephan the electrician! It just needs to be recalabrated. But all my files are there and it’s just awesome to see!
Jonathan is soo happy with himself and is adding it to the skills he has and stuff he now knows how to fix!
Jonathan ordered the battery for the toshiba today. It should be coming on or before the 14th, when my (secret) other battery will be arriving! If anyone has any thoughts on how to best store a battery so it will last as long as posible when you use it in like a year, that would be apreciated.
And as I think I said in my other post. What was holding up the warantie stuff was them needing proof that HP would not fix it. Which he sent in an e-mail. He does have a contact there Max, and he wrote him while we were talking. So hoping to have it shipped next week. We talked about other stuff then. Like Stephanie. He didn’t have the time this week to talk to her but said he would after our meeting and either call me to let me know what to expect, or we’d talk about it sunday when he’s manager on duty.
He said it takes two people for chemistry to be there or not be there. And that a good indication of our relationship and whether it can be worked out is her feelings too. He said two people don’t have to like each other to have chemistry, and that she’d have to be also sensing my hesitations and feeling a disconnect. Not sure I believe that, I think that connection means you like each other to start with. You could still feel an intuitive connection to someone after you’re not friends or whatever anymore but I think you both have to like each other for chemestry to be there.
Anyway long story short he said he’d talk to her and see what she thinks of our relationship and how things are going. He said that if he thought there was someone better for me he’d switch me if not he wouldn’t and I’d have to trust him because he’s done a good job matching me up with people and in the right timing. Like if I had had Edith before Anna I would be in a different place now than if I haven’t. So I do trust him on this and we’ll just have to see. I did have my meeting with her just now. Things were ok she didn’t lecture me. So I guess that’s better than the other time. I didn’t tell her about Simon dying which I said I wasn’t going to because she doesn’t need to know that information right now.
She asked about how it was with Jess at her sleep studdy last night, how we felt with public health around. I found out that Brianca, the PRSC who shared her office with Edith and has been here about as long, is leaving. Well left. Her last day was today. I found out from Mr. J when we were talking about new PRSCS. That he hired two and I was like you have two spots open? I had thought just that one stuborn spot where guys kept leaving, but then he said she was leaving. I’m not surprised at all. It’s a good thing as she’s gotten all her hours and will be geting licensed. I asked if he knew where she was going and he said he never asks. I’m like I do! I guess I’m just nosey to the core. We talked about my goals for treatment. One being around moving out and what would work for me and being so afraid of things happening like they did at friedman, not being in a mental health environment for all it’s issues I did get my life back here. That’s kinda a big deal. I said I’d need to process the issues around how bad things got and, stuff, I don’t really know. So I went on for like ten minutes or longer, probably longer. And then we got talking about how I’m both intelectual and logical so something has to make sense to me ( even if it makes sense to the other person that doesn’t count) but alsobe something I can accept emotionally which is a whole other world. He said I’m my own language LOL! He talked about how it’s really hard working with me, for any professional because if you push me too hard at the wrong time I’ll shut down. Some things I’ll do quickly without pushing that he’d never think I would. Other stuff comes slower. He said Edith was good at knowing when to push me and when to guide me. Though he said she nigotiated with me way too much when he’d just like tell me what to do LOL! All this to say this is why finding a good match for a PRSC is soo difficult.
So we have our work cut out for us. Jonathan has this thing and I think he’s absolutely right. That if I’m solving a problem, even if it’s not solved yet I’m less anxious. So like when Edith told me she was leaving that was the day the screen broke on my HP. So I was so wrapped up in that that Edith leaving was really hard but it wasn’t totally a breakdown. Same with Simon dying. Like I don’t think it’s even sunk in emotionally because I’ve been so overwhelmed with computer stuff. So he’s like when something big happens that’s stressful for you I’ll just go break one of your computers LOL! But it’s true.
So it was a productive talk his ear off kinda session. And I guess we’ll see about stephanie. And I’ll let you guys know how the braillenote does.


9 thoughts on “Finally got Braillenote back! And Jonathan meeting

    • Get a life. No one cares about a few spelling errors; the writer’s point comes across just fine. How would you like it if I started posting criticisms on your blog?

      • If I spelled something wrong and someone corrected me, I would never continue to spell it wrong. Sam is decompensating. She has a college degree. She used to be able to spell “pretty” and now she just started spelling it with an I. She didn’t used to talk about herself in the third person and now she does. If she wants to leave Albany one day, she can’t regress to being a little kid when she’s almost 30. My first amendment right says that I can say whatever I want. Watching her decompensate and regress is very disheartening.

      • Wow, so great that you would never make the same spelling error twice. You’re right; spelling errors ARE a slippery slope to regression. One day you use “f” for “ph” and the next day you find yourself in assistive care! I’m glad you could explain how adulthood works, you look like you really have it nailed with your tricycle.

      • Thank you. I’m decompinsating because I’m noty worried about spell checking a blog? That I write and send just for my own outlet? The Sammy thing is a joke no I’m not a little kid but I’m not thirty either I’m 27. I know Cali I know who this person is, she’s trying to show she cares but is less than sympathetic with these comments and just yeah. Long story. But yes spelling has nothing to do with anything. After albany by the way I’m moving to another asistive living place. Where they also don’t care about spelling. just really.

  1. Awesome that you got your Braille note back that’s amazing. Amazing to that he could fix it. Ask him if he wants a job, I have plenty that needs fixing around my house. Since he’s so good at it he might like to do the job ha ha ha. Hope things get sorted out with Stephanie. If she’s not a good match then it might be better to find someone else hope that happen soon. XX

    • LOL he would love it! He seems to love tech stuff as much as menhtal health stuff so he gets the best of both worlds. If Robbie and him worked together they’d probably make a lot of money which would go right to donating to albany LOL! he would too.

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