Good day using baby computer again and it’s behaving!


So I’m actually in my cozy little Microsoft outlook corner peacefully writing on on a computer that runs normally!

I haven’t gotten the battery (s) yet but hopefully on or before Friday. I have been so tired of the old computer it was driving me nuts. I am like extremely grateful and happy that I have it, it will always be my back up of the backups because it’s a pretty solid computer. But I couldn’t stand it complaining about low disk space when I had like five programs on there, it not being able to even try to exist on certain sites especially when one was my weekly volunteer site, and just all the annoyances. Basically it made it so all I would do on the thing is listen to audio books, and be on facebook should the picky internet connecting thing in the computer choose to let me on.

I’m missing all my various projects. Everything from looking up possible future housing for older sis and myself, to all the advocacy stuff Robbie and I have going on. That between his eye deciding to give out on him, and all this I haven’t really gotten to in awhile.

The computer like I said has been amazing well behaved. Jess had the great idea of propping the cord up into place using her tv remote! Eric at FP used my stuffed animals which was pretty cuter. But actually it was fine without it. It only shut down ya know out of nowhere once today, which was great! And I was only on FB so wasn’t too worried.

Just great to be back home. My old home. Probably won’t get my newest computer home back til umm December. A year since I got it and it got so messed up so fast with this screen thing. Don’t know if it’s the type of computer or what but sure worth investigating for a future one. I absolutely do not want this happening again. I mentally hug my parents every minute for buying that probably expensive warantie. Which I have a feeling I’ll need to keep up to date.

So yeah Sam’s in a good mood. Fueled by yummylicious Jr. Mints. So yeah. Will be on more obviously. Won’t be really happy til I’m sailing along with a new battery. And won’t be really really overjoyed til I get my HP back but things are on the up swing! Everytime I use the braillenote I’m just like wow, Mr. J lovingly took it apart had his friend build a battery and put it together. There’s some real love in that thing now. It has the Mr. J mark. So does this one. This computer which he’ll have to fix again! Ugh still feel soo guilty even though he said stop feeling bad like three weeks ago. But after he fixes it I’m soo gonna treat it like the baby computer it is.

See I’m rambling on chocolate! Upcoming plans are taking Jess to school for her mid terms tomorrow and Thursday. At least we don’t have to go every single day. She’s doing amazingly like aceing

All her classes right in line with her honor roll little sister! Except for the last year when I was so emotionally overrun I’m surprised I graduate, thank you Laura Patey from students with disabilitys. So yeah that’s for tomorrow. Will read and generally chillax. Take in the break of being in a clean smelling uncrowded (at least not by weird residents) building. It will be a breath of fresh air. Not much else to say except yay!

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