Funny happenings at Jess’s school and good day

So today was really good. Every second I get to use this computer is good right now. Those few weeks on the Grampa computer were horrible.

So at Jess’s school they had a “treats and tips” event. I was hanging out in my usual comfortable chair, reading my usual amazing teen realistic fiction that I can’t get enough of. This one is about an alcoholic teenager will be reviewed probably in a few days. And one of the learning center youngish sounding tutors told us about this tips and treats thing. They were offering study skill tips, in exchange for healthy treats. Yogurt, granola, plain and in bars, coffie tea. I’m like no doughnuts? No cookies or candy? He’s like last year we had bagels. I’m like sigh. Took a chocolate chip granola bar and was happy because it meant I could save my second box of Jr. mints for later as in tonight.

So I’m reading Jess is testing, and the tutor comes over and sits down with this guy wanting study tips.

“So what would you like help with?”

“Time management.”

“Ok how are you managing your time in general?”

The guy actually pauses and is like,”Umm, I don’t know.”

I’m like really? Ears pricked up because this guy sounds, really not on the ball and he’s only said one sentence.

Tutor asks him where he studies. He says his room. Tutor asks if he feels tired when nstuddying. He says yes. Basically this guy couldn’t figure out that he might feel tired because he is studying in his bedroom. Even when the tutor gave him the hint of “Is there a bed in your room,” and said bedroom he was still clueless.

He was basically y trying to prove that our brains associate certain feelings/ activities with certain rooms. So if you study in your bedroom you’re tired, in the kitchen you’re hungry. That makes sense. And I’m totally guilty of doing everything on my computer under the covers especially at the end of college when I’m surprised I had it together to do anything. Then again I could just easily sit at my desk and stare into space for hours. The disability coordinator had me in her office area with an assistant prompting me along for awhile.

I go back to my book and let the tutor sail along and listen to smarty literally say umm oh God I don’t know to like everything. I’m being mean he might have a legit learning disability or something, but it was just so funny. Like this tutor couldn’t have picked a better candidate for needing help studying. He didn’t seem to know the guy either maybe it was like his first time actually in the place.

The tutor did say something truly fascinating. He asked our friend whether he did his homework or took notes after class. Unsurprisingly he didn’t know. Well we both learned that by the time it’s an hour after class ended and you haven’t done homework or looked at your notes or something, you lose 50 percent of what you learned. I wanted to shout really? OMG!

The guy wasn’t nearly as impressed and just grunted agreement as he did to everything. Tutor went through his whole speech, about making flash cards, asking questions in class (he this guy did admit he doesn’t ask questions in class. I’m wondering if he even goes to class.)

The tutor assigned him loosely, to get his course syllabus and write down when his papers and stuff are due. Good luck with that. Finally the tutor wound up and the guy mumbled thanks and walked off and probably won’t remember any of it.

He just OMG like had the most classic “duh” voice ever. I wished Robbie were there to laugh quietly with me. We probably wouldn’t have been able to stop laughing.

So I actually got some free and unexpected entertainment. And on a serious note of course I do hope this guy like gets some kinda help because he obviously needs it. I can picture Robbie trying to teach him writing and that just turning into a total comedy show. I’ve just dealt with so much stress lately between Simon dying, computer issues, Robbie still and for the foreseeable future (meaning his whole life,) blind, I needed a laugh.

The ride home was terrible though Major traffic. Very hot out. Spots itched. Oh that’s right haven’t told you got new spots. Soo don’t want to go to the dermatologist. Just don’t want to deal with the stupid process of going to a specialist, like the gyno where they didn’t even know my Dr. referred me. Then they set up like four months of apointments and endless blood draws. I can only imagine what kind of Medicaid type dermatologist they’d have. When I become one endless spot I’ll go. Plus nine times out of ten the ointment they prescribe, likely the stuff I was prescribed for years by my pediatrician, won’t be covered by Medicaid. Ya know how I know? Firstly I had a whole tube of it coming in. Stupid rules say if it’s not prescribed by their doctors it’s like dangerous for you to have basically so they threw it out, and “didn’t recommend” I use it.

Then Dr. BK Sha tried getting it paid for but it basically never happened so I’m stuck with normal hydrocortozone. Karen had suggested I get something stronger which is when he mentioned giving me antibiotics really? You see my problem. Why can’t I have a good Dr. But I know I should be lucky around here, to have a Dr. seriously. And I’ve been told BKSha is one of the better ones. The first ever one Jess and I both had actually never came in and I sat there for two hours waiting for an NP to tell me I didn’t have exygma (though I’ve been diagnosed since I was like six,) and she was a nurse for 35 years so I had no right to argue. In the meantime, Jess had like major medical issues and needed to see the same dr. but couldn’t. I was a complete mess back then.

Anyway as I was saying. Itchyspots from invisible and persistent bugs that only bite me and I never feel it. Like I need this. Tomorrow should be a relaxing day. Any day now I’ll get my batteries yay! Then Thursday we go for test number two.

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