Good day: got computer bateries!

So today was the best! Both my batteries, thank you Robbie and Mr. J, came in the mail today! Finally. I can not have to anxiously await the plug falling out and computer shutting down by itself, has only happened a few times but I know it’s terrible for the harddrive. When Jonathan fixes it again I’ll like never ever ever drop it!

Anyway I’m just glad they’re here. Tech problems slowly being fixed.

Today we went to Jess’s school. She aced a really really hard math test yay and took another mid term. Someone stole my comfy chair in the testing area so I had to sit in registration. Nothing exciting there but listening to stressed out regrastration staff and even more stressed out students talking about financial aid and starting classes and everything.

I finished that book I’d been reading earlier in the week will review tonight. Have stuff on my ipod I want to read will be awesome when I learn how to hook it up to my braillenote. Robbie is gonna teach me whenever I can get to friedman.

But yeah. Really not much else going on. Except saw Jonathan after lunch he gave me his battery (he doesn’t know about Robbie’s) ! Except I thought my spots were done itching and just when I said that they started itching again. Did learn from Asan evening nurse that if I can get that cream that was prescribed to me before I left Chicago, has a long name trimisin or something. Anyway since we both use it my mom has plenty of tubes so he said if she mails it to me then the doctor can put in an order for it. And the insurance will deny it but it doesn’t matter if I already have it. Which I didn’t know. So will have my mom do that when she sends the next package that she’s working on. Am not taking pictures of my spots anymore because they really worried her.

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