Awesome Jonathan meeting, Square trade box coming geting new cell battery connecting with new caseworker

Hi everyone,

So today I had a great meeting with Jonathan. We got ahold of square trade and basically the last guy Jonathan talked to screwed up and they lost the info that they needed proving HP wouldn’t pay for it. So he got this really good guy with an accent that made him very hard to understand, but he cleared up the stuff with his manager and they’re sending out a box. While I was on hold I asked Mr. J if he’d ever gotten this far with them in his conversations that they actually said they’d send the box

And he was like no so I was like yay we’re getting somewhere!

They said back up your data and I was kinda like well they’re just fixing the screen right? Jonathan said that there’s a very small chance that finance wise they might think it’s cheaper to get me a new laptop than fix the screen even if it’s not by much. So I was like oh no it would be a nightmare to get all my programs back!

Well apparently there’s this program that’s a cloneing program that copies over your whole intire system exactly as it is. On to a external harddrive and then I’d just get the computer back and put everything on there. So I was like yay!!

So Monday he’ll do the cloneing then we’ll get the box hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday. The guy was pretty clear ity would only take like a couple weeks for this whole process of getting it fixing it and getting it back here but after all this I’ll believe it when I see it.

We had a wonderful talk about Stephanie. That he and she had had a great conversation about our lack of connection. She was very open and listened. And he kinda encouraged her to back off on strictly going at my goals/ treatment and illness stuff. That she knows all that and those things would naturally weave their way into things. He said to get to know me as a person. He said she seemed open to it.

He said my job was when she brought it up which she would, to be open and just say whatever’s in my head. Which is really hard. So I asked all my anxious questions like what if she says this or that or whatever. He said if she responds with the right words but I don’t feel it’s genuine, it’s not a good match. If she just totally if off not even listening it’s not a ggood match. If she says the right thing and we’re able to talk about it great. He said it would be great if we could be more secure in the relationship and make it work, it would be really good if it didn’t work out but we figured out why.

As I was writing this Stephanie came over. And I’ll be happy to tell you we had a great hour and a half talk. At first she was her usual self just like going over my goals and asking her same annoying questions not really personable. But then she asked me how I felt about our relationship. And I was like well first of all you can’t even remember to call my cane a cane you call it a stick. So I don’t think going for walks would work with us because you’d be way too anxious and then I’d be anxious. She accepted that. I said she seemed really analytical and distant and really not just herself. She listened. And then we just got talking better. We had a good talk about ASL and Kat and how strongly she feels that staff need to sign and how she spent time watching this 15 mminute video. She offered to do signing with me and have her tell me how edith did it. Jess talked about how she and kat communicate which I wish I could do, visually. But anyway we just had a much more connected rest of the session. So I’m more optimistic.

She said that when I get emotional she’d never analyze it or minimize it. We’ll see about that LOL, but I could sense some genuineness behind her words and a real sense that she was receptive and moved by what I had to say. I affected her and that was a good thing part of making a connection. So yeah. Yay Jonathan for laying the groundwork. All and all a very good Friday.

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One thought on “Awesome Jonathan meeting, Square trade box coming geting new cell battery connecting with new caseworker

  1. glad that you had a good friday Sammy! Very cool that things are moving in the right direction with the laptop stuff. And yay about stephanie! Heres hoping you can work it out with her and have a good relationship and build up a good rapport! xxx

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