good day: love my new battery didn’t have to go to meals just chillaxing

Hey everyone,

Been having a great productive day. It’s so nice to have a new battery in my computer and not have that worry. It runs for about four hours don’t know if that’s normal? I’ve still ended up though anxiously, plugging it in while using it. Tried to stop in thee middle of stuff but that distracted me and I lost track of time and was late for online volunteering. It’s hard to like time yourself and stuff.

Anyway like I said in the subject we didn’t have to go to meals today. Because they were pork and fish, and chicken dumplings that are gross, and more pork. So we got two medium pizzas so we have it for lunch and dinner. So we get to stay on our floor all day and just relax. It’s soo refreshing. Just wish we had a microwave hate cold pizza. We also can’t order out until we’re done with Walmart/ probably the end of the month based on what I have in my account. But yesterday in addition to getting a yummylicious ice cream bar I did get some ritz crackers to hold me over between meals/ be meals wish we had peanut butter we’re not allowed. So that’s good. Budgeting is important. I need to call the bank on Monday to make sure that $5 maintance fee is waived from my savings. I thought the automatic transfer of $20 did it but I keep getting this message talking about it like here’s how you can waive this fee and am not sure if it’s just automated or what. So will call that lady my mom talked to who also has a disabled son on SSI Also need to find the aetna case manager info to talk about this whole aetna leaving IL thing. And what will happen because it’s a huge deal and I’m not gonna sit back and let the higher ups just tell me what and when they feel like and make all the decisions if we as consumers are able to have a say in which plan we get and stuff. Like really really want to keep seeing that dentist, or a dentist as I now have those two fillings and I’m paranoid about something going wrong with them because I have no idea about fillings. Just feel like now that I have this permanent stuff in my mouth I need to keep track of it. Just how my anxious mind works.

So anyway phone calls for Monday.

Other than that online volunteering went really well.

Am gonna hopefully tonight work with an online friend to try and figure out how to work my braille sense with my ipod touch. So I can read kindle books that way. Because the robotic voice over voice gets to me. Plus a lot of these books I really really feel need to be in audio as the authors have their others in audio but for some annoying reason I want to get to the bottom of, they aren’t publishing these few books.

Other than that am in a good mood. Looking forward to not having to go to Jess’s school this week. She is too. I’m very happy with how the stephanie session went and can’t wait to tell Jonathan.

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2 thoughts on “good day: love my new battery didn’t have to go to meals just chillaxing

  1. so to use your iPod with the Braille ssense, you have to go to settings, general, accessibility voiceover and then braille. Then turn on Bluetooth and then choose a braille display. On the Braille Sense you have to turn on terminal mode and Bluetooth. That should work.

    Sent from my iPad


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