White Cane day/ blind awareness month part two: braille,

So my computer is restarted, still acting slow I think it needs a clean or something!

Anyway moving on. See my previous post for the whole discussion.

So the first main questions I hear around being blind are: how do you read/ interact with the huge amount of written information out there, and how do you get around. I’m generalizing and this is a good place to start.

Reading. It’s amazing to me that I get a good number of people who think blind people can’t read at all. I’m like huh really? Haven’t you heard of braille ya know helen keller? Ana Wilder from the woods? LOL!

So braille has a long story that’s a whole other post that I’m not gonna write. But it’s basically a code of six dots. And these six dots in different combinations represent letters and numbers. There are different aspects to it. Like grade one is where all the words are spelled out. But because braille takes up twice as much space as print, there is contracted braille where there are a lot of abreviations for words.

There’s been talk of now a new kinda braille. I don’t know anything about that. Robbie is gonna have a course on braille and if they teach it to him which is likely he’ll actually know more than me in an area I’ve been fluent in all my life! Which I will like.

Here’s a link or two on braille.

Braille bug American foundation for the blind


So the first braille device that was made is called the slate and stylus. . I’ve used it maybe once. There are some blind people who insist that no matter how high tech things are that all blind people should learn this. I really think anyone who says all blind people should do anything are looking at from a perspective that’s limiting but anyway.

So it’s basically this metal thing you slide the paper in. And it has the grooves that are the outline of the braille cells, like a stensel. You poke in the right holes with the little stick, also called stylus and you can write braille the old fashioned way. I know someone who really swears by this and has easily taught some sighted friends braille through this and just loves it. That she can carry it in her pocket and produce braille whenever. As I said it’s not something I’ve basically ever used so yeah.

This video is way more helpful


funny video of guy using his braille writer!


Please watch this video! This guy is soo funny and it explains braille way better than I could.

As shown above, (I sound so professional LOL I love this,) that’s a braille writer. It’s like a big old fashioned typewriter. It has a handle and yes just like this guy, I had to carry this around. Well usually my teacher of the visually impaired did it. Really actually I didn’t have to do much carrying. Because I used it most in elementary school where we were all in one room. And then in Jr. high and high school I only used it for math. But I do remember carrying it up and down the stairs at home. My mom said it looked bigger than me LOL!

So he does such a good explanation of the braille writer that I’m gonna leave him to it.

Braille books! Are really big!

One page of print is two pages of braille. So one 100 or more page book would be several volumes never mind textbooks!

I wish I could have taken a picture of the huge stack of braille books I had at school in my private work room that I used when not in class with my TVI teacher of the visually impaired. I do clearly remember having a backpack full of these books. Once I was exhausted laying on our stairs and my mom said I looked like a turtle with the shell on my back LOL!

I also remember carrying books and trying to use the cane at the same time falling downstairs and books falling after me and all kinds of stuff.

that wraps it up for this post. I’ve decided to divide subjects into posts to give people’s eyes or ears a rest (if you’re blind and listening) and not have one huge long post.


3 thoughts on “White Cane day/ blind awareness month part two: braille,

  1. Great post Sammy, I remember having to carry lots of books to when I was in school, they were so heavy, I like reading on my phone audiobooks or Kindle books, really is just too cumbersome. XXX

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