wrap up of productive day and plans for tomorrow


So it’s been a very productive day. As you’ll see by my latest two posts on my series on blind aspects. As I said at the end of the last post (feel free to scroll there if you don’t want to hear me totally talk your ear off) I’m very much open to and wanting guest posts about anything to do with the experience of being blind. The more voices the better. From sighted and blind folks alike.

So in addition to all that, I’m working on connecting my braille sense plus to my ipod touch. Fiddled with it before dinner followed the directions in one of my comments. Didn’t know you needed to enter a code to set it up. Figured this out from videos that my friend Erin sent me thank you Erin and Angela!

Basically got everything going except I think I’m entering the code wrong and am very tired so decided to stop and wind down. Will work on this tomorrow.

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be my big days for straightening out stuff with computer before Jonathan heads out. Will make sure that he attends to cloneing the whole computer system, sounds so exciting and just wow that they have software to do that. And that people know what they’re doing shipping it out. Will also double check with him that he’ll be able to get the call/ message if it gets there and they have concerns. Anxious about what this place will say as I was so turned down by HP. When Jonathan finally got a good person on the phone things went quickly.

Other than that will be looking up that insurance caseworker number. Calling Anna from gateway as I sent an e-mail with a couple questions and she said we should call her. Don’t want to worry her unduely but will be good to quickly connect. Mainly want to see if theirs a news letter I can have to keep in touch with stuff there and ask if they take out of state applicants.

After all that will just chillax.

So yeah really good Sunday for me. Jess and I will enjoy a break from going in to her school.

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