Book review: Locked in by Emily Essence

So the first thing I read on kindle connected to my braillenote was a pretty disturbing read.

It says true short story but I’m confused about whether it’s the author’s story or from a child she had worked with or what.

It describes in detail the horrific abuse a young girl endures from the age of five to 15. In a middle class part of London in a tall office/ apartment building. Hidden away, she is in her room with almost no food or water basically for years. While being subjected to horrible sexual physical and emotional abuse. Telling her mother has tragic consequences.

Before she told her mother she said that the abuse took place whenever her mom was out and that before this time she hadn’t had much contact with her stepfather. It didn’t say but am curious if she went to school? If she met anyone from the outside world at all before things hit the spiral they did for those years.

As I said it describes the abuse she went through in detail and is very triggering.

The whole point of the story is her escape which when it happens leaves much to be learned. It says she ran out the door accidentally opened by a workman and then just ran downstairs, only learning about elavators on tv and by accident got down there. Then ran and ran down the streets. And that’s it. Nothing about anyone seeing her her getting to social services or anything.

I think it would have been a better story if it were a full length book wher her life being abused could have been told in a less graphic way and focused more on the escape and then her life after and her I’m sure slow and painful recovery.

I would not recommend this book as the descriptions are so triggering and there is no hopeful ending or even knowing what becomes of this girl to offset hearing about she went through with knowing that she ended up with someone in her corner/ help.

The series it’s from is called child abuse true stories. I am sure all books are the same format and so won’t be reading them.

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