frustrated about how nursing handles my ointment

So frustrating, I do still have those itchy bug bite like spots. They went away for like a week straight and then came back. They come and go in different areas kinda like my exygma rashes do which makes me think it’s stress or something.

Never took the zerteck because even Karen director of nursing whispered as I was leaving that if I didn’t have to take it I didn’tif I didn’t want to. She was not impressed with his suggestions basically everything you’d think a person with no medical training might suggest.

Anyway so I am still using the hydroxortozone. But the thing is we can’t keep ointments in our rooms. Or any meds at all. Because actually some people here will eat out of the ordinary things like alcohol in mouth wash or the alcohol wipes. So people do crazy things so it’s a legal issue. But one thing that will eventually change as this is moving from a nursing home to a specialized mental health facility. A change I’ll really love.

Sometimes one of the nurses would Give Jess the ointment in a little cup to put on me. But then sometimes he won’t because it is technically a legal issue the health department was here fairly recently so that could be why he’s been more strict about it.

That’s the night nurse. Morning nurse is this old school type. She does things on her time not anyone else’s. So she’d come do it at like eleven in the morning. Scared me to death the first time when she banged the door, not even bothering to enter the code to open it. Then I moved my head when she was putting it on my chin and she got some on my lip. When I said something, not thinking that this is *her we’re talking about she said that she didn’t get it on my lip and I was a liar and if I didn’t want her doing it I could wait til night time and she wouldn’t care. Yeah she’s a real tough nurse. But good that day I cried though. Just a lot to wake up to.

She did do a good job actually putting it on right. That night nurse when he does put it on puts like hardly nothing.

So tonight I went out to ask about it and he said he’d do it later after he gave all the meds. Jess and I mentioned that one of the last times he said he was gonna do it he never showed up. He of course said no. He had this really flippant like who cares attitude. Said to pull the call light if he forgets. Just him saying that is just so ugh annoying. Call light is for emergency. Even then, we have a box across the hall that makes the noise of whenever a call light is pulled. It’s so annoying and it takes forever for them to respond anyway. And he’d want to come at like nine thirty ten. When I’m going to sleep.

I understand getting your meds at the nurse’s station but for this simple thing. And it’s not even like some infection or something where you’d think they’d need to specifically do it. The last straw was we asked if one of the CNAS standing right there would do it. With him watching. He said no because of legal issues. Public health must have made a big impression.

I don’t mind stuff here for the most part but to have to go around everyone else’s time and totally feel like I’m taking up the important less than a minute it takes to do this is just really frustrating. So like I told jess I’ll just itch my skin off. When I mentioned it’s not like it’s an infection she said it could be if they just don’t care to follow up with it.


But like I said this will change at some point. Could be years from now but we’ll see.

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