I was pritty techy today

Hi everyone,

So after lunch finally got the braille sense and ipod touch hooked up. I had to enter this stupid code and am so bad at the touch screen and you only had like less than a minute to do it and I had trouble finding the button to hit yes or go or whatever for it to connect. So took like six times but I did it. So nice to read my books without robotic voice over! Still prifer audio narrators for the books I like to read especially CaseyWatson and Rosie Lewis and cathy glass. But anyway I’m really glad that I got this straightened out. Who knows what else I can do with the ipod took me so long to figure it out. But if Robbie is very convincing maybe I’ll learn something else. He’ll have to give me a cookie though!

So in the meantime I’ll be able to do book reviews more often. Part of the reason why I wasn’t getting through my and Carol Anne’s kindle books is because that voice was so annoying. But now it will be easier.

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